Image of Self Love with Self Care

Love Yourself Through Self Care

How to Love Yourself Through Self-Care

Although the idea of ‘loving oneself’ may seem unattainable to some. The practice of self-care and showing compassion can be accessible to all… Ayurveda takes things right back to basics (no #wanderlust worthy locations needed here). And views ‘self-care’ as an everyday practice, not just a luxury.

Rituals for loving yourself:

  • Garshana (dry body brushing) is an opportunity to rid yourself of negativity, toxic energy (literal internal toxins). Whilst also boosting circulation and your natural glow. So, it further developes the relationship you have between your body and the cultivation of positive energy (or ‘prana’ as it is known in Ayurveda). Basically, meaning you’ll literally feel ‘good in your own skin’.
How can Urban Veda help?
Due to all of the above, we realised it was crucial to practice such a powerful ritual (and be able to do it from your own home) which is why we launched our Ayurvedic Dry Body Brush earlier last year! Made from cactus sisal and walnut wood. Our brush is vegan and cruelty free (why not love the environment too, right?)
  • Abhyanga (self-massage) grounds the mind, body and soul through pacifying any anxious energy swirling around the body. Releasing muscle tension and lubricating the fascia, an oil based self-massage allows us to connect to our sense of touch. And ease the nervous system through creating compassionate warmth within the body.
How can Urban Veda help?
We created our very own Body Oils to not only provide you with a sense of relief, but also harmonise the mind-body connection through the incorporation of aromatherapy. Our Body Oils are Cosmos Natural certified, meaning they are 100% natural and full of hand selected essential oils. So, all you have to do is gently massage your skin and relax!
  • Tongue Scraping is not just an everyday practice amongst Ayurvedic advocates for no reason. This practice allows you to cultivate a relationship with, yep you guessed it - your tongue! The roadmap to our entire internal digestive system. The tongue can help you better understand how your body works on the inside, so you can feel good on the outside too.
How can Urban Veda help?
Tongue Scraping may seem like an odd and rather anti-social approach to getting to know your tongue but we promise you, it’ll work. We created our ‘Tongue Cleaner’ to remove what’s known as ‘ama’ in Ayurveda, which is the undigested matter from your gut. The colour of ‘ama’ tells a lot about the health of our internal organs. What better way to take care of yourself (and show some love to the body’s unsung hero - the tongue!)