Introducing: Facial Yoga

Introducing: Facial Yoga

It's yoga, for your face

We’re regularly told about the benefits of yoga for both our mind and body, but have you ever tried facial yoga? If you haven’t come across it before, yoga for your face is exactly how it sounds – exercises for your face. It may look peculiar, but pulling faces may actually be beneficial! Working the muscles around the eyes, mouth and neck can improve your skin. By toning facial muscles through giving them a ‘workout’, we could even improve the appearance of fine lines.

Introducing the art of facial yoga

Our new Facial Boosters are the perfect oils to practice your facial yoga at home. Just apply a few drops of your favourite booster and follow along with Emma in our facial yoga video series. 



1. Contouring the chin

Cross your hands over at the chin. With your middle & index finger slightly apart, glide along the jawline in a scissor like movement to the top of the ear. Repeat on each side. 



2. Refining your jawline

To further amplify your jaw's contours, place your fingers on the edge of your jaw and your thumbs just beneath your jaw and pull towards your ears. This helps with bringing definition to the jawline and stimulates lymphatic drainage. 



3. Cheekbone Sculptor

Place both thumbs under the chin with your hand cupping your nose. Sweep hands over the cheeks using the length of your index and middle fingers maintaining contact gliding out to the ears. On the last stroke, stop the fingers on the temples for an acupressure point and apply pressure in a circular motion. 



4. Forehead smoother

Place thumbs under the cheekbone, fingertips together between the eyebrows. Push your fingers up to the hairline and glide out to the temples. Repeat three times. Afterwards, bend both your index fingers and use them to massage your forehead by moving the brow to the hairline and repeat three times. 



5. Brow lifter

Place thumbs beneath your chin. Then press an index finger on either side of your nose bridge. Breathe in and sweep your fingers to massage and trace along your brow line. Complete this step by lightly tracing your fingers along the edges of your orbital area in a circular motion. 



6. Neck firming & tension reliever

Turn your head on a 90-degree angle and pucker the lips. Then make a fist with the same hand as the side of the neck being stretched and use the knuckles to move the jaw down from the neckline. Repeat the same on the other side as well. 



Try with our new Facial Boosters

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