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How to Reduce Anxiety Naturally

In this blog we explain how to reduce anxiety naturally, reaching for Mother Nature's offering to soothe a busy mind. Have you ever wondered how to truly feel ‘grounded’ focused in a state of serenity? Well now, thanks to our game-changing guide, you can work towards reducing inevitable anxiety - the holistic, natural way...

Self- Massage

The Ayurvedic ritual of Abhyanga (self-massage) has been practiced for thousands of years. It has been practiced as a healing modality and really helps to reduce anxiety naturally. Moreover, it is most beneficial for balancing the Vata dosha. This ritual provides a sense of grounding. It also comforts the musculature of the body through warming the fascia and relaxing the mind.

To follow the ritual of Abhyanga:

  • Start by rolling an Urban Veda Body Oil bottle (we recommend Radiance for anxiety) back and forth between the palms to warm the oil.
  • Dispense 5-6 pumps and inhale the aroma
  • Begin by massaging the feet. Then work your way up towards the heart centre, adding more oil as needed.
  • Massage the oil in long sweeping motions along the limbs. Then massage the joints, torso and chest in circular motions.
  • Leave for 20 minutes to let the oil settle.


An alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress is EFT Tapping. Basically, it is a gentle practice of lightly ‘tapping’ certain areas of the face and body with the first two fingers. A great way to end your evening ritual, we recommend you ‘tap’ the eyebrow bone, temples, chin, under the eye and along the collar bones after applying one of our 100% natural Facial Oils for a sound night’s sleep.

Aromatherapy to reduce anxiety naturally

People use the power of scent as a method of calming the nervous system. So, is there any wonder we’ve let it inspire our product formulations? Every single one of our skincare and body care products carries a specific aroma, targeting a certain mood balancing quality:
  • Settling the mind - the earthy scent of Frankincense, found in our Radiance Range, is respite for the mind and grounding for the soul.
  • Relieving stress - the woody aroma of Sandalwood, key ingredient in our Soothing Range, provides a holiday for the senses, transporting the mind to an Indian spa.
  • Revitalising the senses - floral notes of rose botanicals, found within our Reviving Range, bring a fresh, spring like quality to the mind, which in turn boosts youthfulness and vitality of spirit.
  • Uplifting spirits - citrus undertones and fresh leafy aromas, abundant within our Purifying Range, elevate the mood and detoxify the mind of negativity.