What is Squalane. Image of Olive derived Squalane products.

What is Squalane?

Squalane was one the most popular skincare ingredient searches of 2020, and it’s easy to see why. Rich in antioxidants, this skin savior has excellent moisturizing properties that revive and hydrate the skin. But the benefits don’t end there. Looking for a skincare ingredient that will give your skin that hydrated glow? Squalane is the answer! Plant-derived squalane oil is not only eco-friendly but also gentle on the skin. This ingredient was originally sourced from Shark livers which are made up of a high concentration of fatty acids, however, nowadays the cruelty-free and vegan substitute comes from olives. In fact, the majority of squalane facial products contain the plant-derived version of the ingredient. You can rest easy knowing we source ours from olives.

So, what is Squalane?

Squalane (with an ‘a’) is a derivative of squalene (with an ‘e’). Those scientists don’t make it easy, do they? You may be wondering what the difference between the two is aside from the obvious vowel change. Squalene is a lipid that is naturally found in the body and it synthesizes in the liver, circulates throughout the bloodstream, and is released through the sebaceous gland, which produces oil in the skin. This production of oil is our body’s way of hydrating our skin, which as we get older, starts to decrease because the amount of squalene our bodies produces declines. In fact, squalene production can begin to slow down as early as your 20s. That’s not so great news, is it? And to make matters worse, squalene in its natural form is almost unusable in skincare. Thankfully, skincare experts have found a way to incorporate squalene into skincare products so that your skin remains hydrated and bright even after all the hard work you put it through. Squalene is overly prone to oxidization and loses its efficacy, while squalene is stabilized and therefore more efficacious. Hence, not only is squalane more friendly for your skin, but it also has a longer shelf life. So, if you see squalene (with an ‘e’) rather than squalane (with an ‘a’) listed on the ingredients of a beauty product, avoid at all costs! You’ll thank us later.

What does Squalane do for the skin?

Now that we’ve established what this ingredient is, here’s a quick run-down of its benefits for the skin.

Squalane is occlusive

Squalane prevents trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) because its occlusive properties form a barrier between the skin and the air that stops water loss. As a skincare ingredient, it will leave your skin hydrated and moisturised.

Anti-aging properties

The antioxidants in squalane oils and creams protect the skin from free radicals that accelerate aging.

Can be used as a primer

Light-weight oils smooth and plump the skin, creating the perfect canvas for you to apply your make-up.

Perfect for all skin types

Squalane is perfect for all skin types because it is not heavy on the skin. This means that it is easy to mix squalane oil with other products in your skincare routine. Alternatively, choose a product with other good-for-skin ingredients that also contain squalane. Our range of facial oils are the perfect pick!