Image of Soothing Night Cream

Use a Soothing Night Cream

Why you Need a Soothing Night Cream

People call it beauty sleep for a reason. During the day, your skin is affected by all that the elements throw at it. As well as pollution and the stress of day-to-day life. So, at night your skin needs to repair itself, that is where the soothing night cream comes in. When you go to sleep each night, it is a prime opportunity to effortlessly nourish and rejuvenate your skin. This is where your nightly soothing cream comes in. It is common knowledge that your body recharges whilst you sleep - so does your skin. It takes this time to restore, regenerate and repair itself. This why most night creams are aimed towards slow-absorption and deeply nourishing your skin. These creams are made to seep deep into your pores over several hours, meaning over the course of the night your skin remains hydrated and healthy. This results in creams that are richer, heavier and thicker than day creams.

It's More than Moisture

Your skin can lose a large amount of moisture at night. As we sleep, our pores are primed to absorb all the goodness contained in your night creams. Micro-circulation increases as you sleep, and this results in your skin being more responsive and receptive to the creams you put on it. This is why skin care brands like ours take our time to create the perfect cocktail of natural and organic ingredients to soothe and repair your skin every night. Your skin has all the time in the world to absorb your rich night cream as you sleep. Meaning you wake with skin that has been treated to its very own nightly refresher, that clarifies and nurtures your skin.

The Benefits of a Night Cream

Soothing night creams are the gift that keeps on giving. Apart from moisturising the more sensitive skin on your face and keeping your skin supple and fresh, nighttime soothing creams usually double the amount of moisture in your skin. This prevents skin from becoming dry and dehydrated skin and instead, reveal naturally glowing skin when you wake up.