Image of Urban Veda Positive Mindset this Winter

Positive Winter Mindset

Keeping a positive mindset this Winter is evermore needed now that the days are getting shorter and colder. Which, as a consequence makes it harder to push ourselves to do the things we need and want to do. Going outside is less appealing, getting out of bed in the morning is harder. Comfort eating and snacking becomes more tempting. The weather really affects our mood and actions consequently. That’s why pushing ourselves to be extra positive and mindful is even more important in colder months. There is a direct link between how we feel physically and our mental health. So we must keep pushing to be our most positive selves and not let the bleak weather get the better of us. We have put together a few simple ideas and routines to help keep positive mindset this winter. These will help boost your mood and health.
  • Yoga can fight flu and keep you healthy

Yoga has been a well-known, and well-practised, health regime for thousands of years. In fact, it is thought that yoga was created by the Indus-Sarasvati civilisation in Northern India over 5,000 years ago. It is referenced in many ancient, sacred texts as being a way to achieve enlightenment. In modern day, yoga is thought to calm and soothe the mind. Due to the focus required and is also cited to be a pain reliever and immune booster. As well as an aid to lots of other conditions, such as insomnia. Yoga should be practised in winter especially due to its incredible health benefits. We are more likely to catch colds, flus and viral infections in colder weather. And any natural way to ward off these nasties is a huge positive for your physical health! Why not load up a simple online video tutorial to practice in the evenings? That way you won’t even have to leave your cosy house to get to a practice in. Yet still reap all the benefits of yoga’s amazing healing and calming powers to promote a positive mindset this winter.
  • Aromatherapy is an excellent complementary therapy, and all-round mood booster

Scents are extremely emotive, and can transport us to a place far away, or to a moment in the past – for example, you might start getting a bit teary eyed if you smell the perfume you wore on your wedding day! Therefore, it’s no surprise that some smells can make us happy and some can make us sad. Aromatherapy works on the basis of scent therapy, and the natural power of various natural oils. While aromatherapy shouldn’t be used to cure ailments, it can be an excellent, natural complementary therapy to any treatments you may have. Either way, aromatherapy is an excellent relaxation technique you can implement and use to practice self-care in winter. Pick a facial oil from our extensive skincare range – such as the Soothing Facial Oil, packed with calming Sandalwood – and add a few moments of mindfulness into your skincare regime. Simply take a few drops of the oil into your hands and add a mini massage to your routine. Taking time to be present and focus on the feeling of the massage and the smell of the oil as you go. Taking as little at 5 minutes each day for yourself will ground you and remind you to take a moment to relax. Something very important to remember as a season of busy festivities kicks off.
  • Meditation reduces anxiety and clears the mind

Meditation is an ancient breathing practice used to achieve a state of focused observation. It aids conditions like anxiety as it helps to re-frame worries. Instead of letting them mount and consume you, meditation helps you ‘observe’ them, which allows you to deal with them rationally. When worries are dealt with logically, they don’t seem as bad as they could be. Leading to a more positive outlook. With practice (yes, it takes practice to sit and do nothing) meditation can lead to a better mindset. And in turn, better overall health. While physical health can begin to deteriorate in colder temperatures, and mental health can wane during dark days (the lack of sunshine causes a drop in serotonin – the chemical that causes happiness – causing lower mood and even Seasonal Affective Disorder), meditation can provide the respite necessary to improve both body and soul, and increase a positive mindset in winter.
  • Cooking is nourishing for both the mind and the body

In colder temperatures, heavy carbohydrates and sugary snacks can become more tempting – and this is for many reasons. Firstly, the cold weather makes us want to warm up with hearty meals, and the colder weather leads to an increase in melatonin in our body – which makes us feel sluggish and tired. In response to this to ‘pep up’, many of us find ourselves reaching for sugary snacks. This will, of course, in the long term just make us feel worse. A little preparation is key to avoid unhealthy, overeating. If you know you will be out all day in situations where you might feel lethargic, and where sugary snacks will be the easy option, prepare yourself some healthy snacks with natural sugars – such as dried fruits and nuts instead. You can also meal prep yourself a week’s worth of lunches and dinners so that during the week you don’t have to bother making meals – something we might not want to face after a day of work, or out in the cold. Meal prepping on a Sunday for the week ahead is also in itself a good form of winter self-care. Not only are you creating nourishing meals that will help look after your body and keep you healthy, cooking is also an excellent activity to boost mood and improve mental health. It centres you, allowing you to be calm and focus on the present, create something from scratch you can be proud of, practice some creativity, indulge the senses, and be rewarded for your efforts.