Urban Veda Soothing Skincare Range

How to Support your Gut Through Skincare

It’s true. The gut plays a crucial role in health and wellbeing. Gut health affects everything from digestion of food and the immune system, to mental health and complexion. Eating gut-friendly foods is the most common response to taking control of gut health and skin problems, but this isn’t always easy. Hence, it's best to find alternative solutions that counteract the effects of poor gut health on skin. Ayurvedic skincare is the answer and helps to support your gut from the outside in. For instance, products infused with rich botanicals can help rebalance the skin microbiome for clear and supple skin. Here are our favourite Ayurvedic skincare revivers for each dosha that work to support gut health and skin problems.

Ayurvedic skincare for gut health and skin problems

Dry and Dull Skin

Perfect for dry and dehydrated skin, our Hydrate and Glow Bundle is infused with skin-brightening Turmeric and hydrating Goji Berries and Papaya. This set makes skincare simple, with 4 skin-loving products that prepare skin for the day ahead. Arjuna is one of the key actives in this range. Its antibacterial properties help fight leaky gut bacteria that reach skin via the bloodstream and restore skin’s natural pH. Moreover, the antioxidant properties of Turmeric help bring lustre back to skin. For this reason, we recommend using the Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish as a face mask. Let it rest on skin for 5 minutes to reap the brightening effects of Turmeric for glowing skin.

Sensitive and Inflamed Skin

Since inflammation and sensitivity are the most common symptom of bad gut bacteria, it's important to use skincare with soothing properties. Ideal for even the most sensitive skin, our Sensitive Skin Bundle contains healing Sandalwood to repair the skin and calming Lavender and Rosemary to soothe the mind. Sandalwood’s anti-inflammatory properties help calm irritation and stabilise the skin microbiome. Our Soothing Facial Wash is a skin reviver that cleanses skin without stripping the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Our Soothing Polish and Toner remove impurities and harmonise skin, whilst our award-winning Soothing Day Cream offers the ultimate protective layer of hydration.

Oily and Acne-Prone Skin

Imbalance in the gut can also aggravate oily skin types, resulting in acne and breakouts. This is because consuming foods high in sugar and dairy can cause hormones to produce excess oil and exacerbate acne-causing bacteria. Our Cleanse and Purify Bundle works to deeply cleanse and decongest oily skin. Containing 4 skincare essentials to treat acne and blemishes, this is the ultimate miracle skincare set for Kapha skin. The antibacterial and antioxidant properties of Neem restore skin’s natural pH and help fight bad gut bacteria that can travel to the surface of the skin through the bloodstream. Furthermore, the hydrating benefits of Vitamin C, Provitamin B5, Arjuna and Glycerine help regulate oil production. As a result, skin is left balanced, cleansed and hydrated.