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Skincare Improves Confidence

Skincare Improves Confidence

When it comes to how skincare improves confidence first consider how when we feel looked after. In control and satisfied with the feeling of having completed something. We are likely to experience an elevated sense of confidence.

As a ritual, your daily skincare becomes one of those fleeting chances for alone time and self-care. Reacquainting ourselves with our appearance. The very cells that form our foundation and the musculature of the face. We begin to build upon the relationship we have with the realus. As we get to know ourselves further. We start to become familiar with the texture, tone and tenderness of our skin.

Skincare is a Ritual

As previously mentioned, skincare isn’t just a routine- it’s a ritual. How Perfume and aromas effect the mind has been a topic of debate, research and we now have proof. Aromatherapy is practice that alleviates anxiety, calms stress and tension. Providing a sense of grounding. And, again, reacquainting the mind and body. The relationship between essential aromatherapeutic oils and our mood is something that we have long been inspired by when formulating our product ranges.

For example, the Purifying Range will leave you with a spring in your step due to its citrusy, minty scent, whilst our Soothing Range settles the mind with Sandalwood- an ingredient that incidentally calms the skin. This highlights one of the many ways skincare becomes a holistic experience, and a celebrated ritual.

What Ayurveda Says

Ayurveda views health and physical wellbeing in combination with mental wellness, which in turn is believed to reflect your lifestyle. For example, if you are suffering from stress, you may make poor food choices or begin to ignore hunger cues, which in turn can either result in a depletion of energy or an aggravated gut. In Ayurveda, connections can be made between the internal body and the external body, bringing the whole journey 360.

According to Ayurvedic principles, the Vata dosha (associated with air) is often predisposed to overthinking and business- leaving the body drained and lacking in vitality if out of balance. The key ingredient in our Radiance Range, Turmeric, brightens and warms from within- meaning you’ll not only be left feeling grounded and back to your true self. Again, we can see the direct flow of energy between internal and external and how skincare improves your confidence.

So... The Point Is.

So, back to our initial point- How Does Skincare Improve Confidence...? Skincare isn’t a magic pill that boosts self-esteem immediately BUT it does comfort and encourage time spent on building a relationship with yourself. Skincare recognises that one size definitely doesn’t fit all; however, it does help in making you feel not alone whilst also adding structure and routine to your life.

Undertaking a ritual can be a great way to carve out time for yourself and dedicate loving energy to your body and mind. When applied mindfully, skincare can be soothing and a way of celebrating your natural beauty. Why not try journaling as part of your skincare ritual, taking the time to check in with yourself and your skin and documenting any changes you notice? Skincare improves confidence when it tackles not just the external but the internal too!