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Feel Uplifted: Sophie's Tips

Feel Uplifted with our Uplift Equation

We all know the feeling, a heavy weight that cannot be described is making it seem impossible to be positive, proactive or productive. Often filling an entire room and headspace, there is no escape. When it feels like you’re being pressed down, squeezed into or ringed out in knots, a sense of feeling uplifted becomes a priority.

Here to help open the windows and air out your intruded space, our Social Media & Influencer Executive, Sophie, offers advice for regaining empowerment, energy and enthusiasm…

“I have a general rule of thumb when it comes to choosing how to navigate my way through a crowded mental space:

Anxiety (overthinking and obsessive thoughts) = Slow Down

Feeling low (lack of motivation) = Stimulation

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The table above, AKA the Uplift Equation, shows examples of what you can do at different times of the day to feel uplifted. And implies the different principles set out by my general rule of thumb.

When anxious...

I start my day by reaching out and making sure (if possible) I am able to be in the company of a friend or family member who I trust will not show any judgment and will not fuel my fire but soothe instead.

After I have taken on a little of their calming energy and distractive anecdotes. I begin to investigate further by looking inward through meditation or journaling. During meditation, I will sit for a minimum of 20 minutes in order for the body and mind to have a chance to settle slightly. Whilst I sit with my eyes closed and drishti (focus) directed in between the brows just behind the eyeballs. I will imagine a glowing white light in the inhale and smoky black fog exiting my mind on the exhale.

During the evening, I take time to do an activity in which I am able to be present and focus. Cooking or baking is great for this as not only are you following a recipe. Giving structure and a sense of control, but you are also rewarded for your efforts at the end of a hard day with yummy food!

When Feeling low...

the hardest thing to do is get out of bed in the morning and sometimes even brush my teeth and get dressed! This is why, if my mood is a little lacklustre, I will force myself out of bed and into a cold shower, or ‘ishnaan’ as it is known in Ayurveda, before moving vigorously through dance or a HIIT workout. I'll follow my sweaty workout session with a cool, refreshing shower and I'm loving the Purifying Body Wash at the moment. It cools me down physically and uplifts me mentally - the perfect morning to feel uplifted.

During the afternoon, around the time I can feel my shoulders slouching inward. And my chest compressing through sitting at a desk for a long period of time. I roll out my mat and start to flow. You can follow any ‘heart opening’ yoga sequences online. Or simply do five rounds of Surya Namaskar A (sun salutations). Followed by some backbending postures such as urdhva dhanurasana (full wheel), dhanurasana (bow pose) and ustrasana (camel pose).

During the evening, it’s time to let go of a bad day and have a laugh. Some food (and maybe some wine) with my friends and family- or if they aren’t free. I turn the music up and dance dance dance to my favourite music.”

We hope you have found Sophie’s tips to feel uplifted helpful. If you're ever in any doubt as to where to look for resources. Our Instagram platform is full of yoga videos, uplifting stories and positive affirmations.

You can do this!