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Claudia Brown: Perimenopause

Claudia Brown Talks Perimenopause

Yoga teacher and Perimenopause expert, Claudia Brown is back again with another blog, this time all about the Perimenopause and her favourite Urban Veda products to help soothe and calm her mind and skin. "Don’t know if you need to know anything about me? I’m 48, Yoga teacher, Om Yoga magazine contributor and Doncaster Rovers Football Club Yoga Teacher! I’ve always had dry skin. As I’ve got older and now hit perimenopause. Throw in some fairly exciting hormonal peaks and troughs and my skin has become more and more dry. I’ve always been very choosy about what I use on my skin. As it can be quite sensitive, I’m very fair and freckle faced, my mum said my skin was almost translucent when I was born.

Try Urban Veda

The Urban Veda tri-doshic range for mature skin features some fantastic ingredients that I always look for in my skin products such as geranium, Vitamin E and Rosehip oil.

Facial Oils

I’ve currently obsessed with facial oils. The Reviving Facial Oil is heaven in a bottle. The smell is divine (smell is important as well as the ingredients, if something smells unpleasant it will be washed off immediately.) It’s an immediate relief from any tightness or dryness as well as being very soothing and plumping. Just a few drops per application is enough for my skin. If I’m at home all day I apply again early afternoon. I can’t get enough of it. To quote Caroline Hirons, a facial oil ‘is essential – it will literally replace the glow on an older face.’

Facial Polish

Anything with the word ‘exfoliating’ in the title makes me think of a certain apricot based face scrub from the late 80’s that was similar to running your face along a freshly gritted road. However, the Reviving Exfoliating Facial Polish is a revelation as it is really velvety on the skin. Again, the smell is delicious, but my skin felt so soft and clean. (Not squeaky – lovers of Ms Hirons will know that skin shouldn’t squeak). It is now part of my morning shower routine. AND you can use a thick layer of it as a face mask – it’s the gift that keeps giving! The pumice in it is really gentle so you don’t need to worry about looking as if you’ve used sandpaper instead of a flannel. Also contains my favourite rosehip oil so no wonder it is silky.

Body Lotion

The Reviving Body Lotion is so thick it’s more like a crème and really helps to hydrate and soothe my skin. This is really important for my arms as anyone applying daily doses of HRT gel may suffer from the dreaded HRT arms during perimenopause and menopause – dry and flaky and sometimes itchy due to the alcohol in the gel. Some body lotions can be a bit watery, but this is really rich and luxe and with Vitamin E included in the ingredients, it’s a winner for me. It soaks in really well too so you don’t have worry about your clothes sticking to your body." Follow Claudia on Instagram to learn more from her about the Perimenopause and menopause.