what are the benefits of sweet almond oil

Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil

What is Sweet Almond Oil?

Read all about the benefits of sweet almond oil here. Almonds are commonly known as the ‘king of nuts’ and is categorised into the same food groups as peaches and cherries; due to their high concentration of nutrients and natural oils. These nuts pack a powerful nutritional punch; not only when you eat them, but whenever you use their oil extracts on your skin too. Almond trees were first domesticated and grown agriculturally in the Middle east regions of the Mediterranean. Farmers quickly realised that when the nuts were pressed, they released an oil that was incredibly beneficial for the skin.

Sweet Almond oil for Skin

Sweet Almond oil, like Camphor Oil is full of vitamin E, vitamin A, essential fatty acids, potassium, proteins and zinc. It is also a very mild hypoallergenic oil, which means it can be used for all skin types whether oily, dry or sensitive. The benefits of sweet almond oil is that it is amazing at deeply cleansing your pores without clogging them or causing a build-up of oil. The oil also has a subtle scent that adds an element of aromatherapy when using it topically or within a cream or cosmetic product.

Benefits for Skin

This oil also boasts some incredible benefits for your skin, and is an ingredient to look for when purchasing your next skincare product. These reasons and benefits below are why you should consider buying your next skincare product packed full of sweet almond oil.

Cleanses your Skin:

You might feel a touch hesitant at the thought of washing and cleansing your face with oil, but don’t. Facial Oils are the new it girl of the beauty industry and boast incredible benefits for your skin. Especially when you use a facial oil that includes sweet almond oil. This oil is excellent at purifying your skin of the build-up of toxins and helps in unclogging your pores. It also helps your skin retain its moisture whilst simultaneously blocking dirty microbes from entering your skins pores.

Excellent natural makeup remover:

This oil is great at removing your daily makeup without harming your skin. It is one of the easiest and healthiest ways to remove your makeup and even clears away stubborn waterproof mascara. Moreover, it is a fast absorbing oil, so when you apply it first thing in the morning, you don’t have to wait for the oil to be absorbed by your skin before you start putting on your makeup. It is also excellent at soothing puffy and tired eyes.

Moisturises and helps with Anti-aging:

Almonds are packed full of vitamin E, which is a strong antioxidant that helps nourish, moisturise and replenish our skin as we age. The protein that is responsible for keeping our skin supple and young is called collagen. This protein forms an even layer under our skin and as we age it gradually thins, causing fine wrinkles in our skin as the padding of collagen begins to become uneven. However, the high concentration of vitamin E in sweet almond oil helps give our skin the amino acids it needs to help cultivate collagen. You can find Sweet Almond Oil in our Radiance Body Lotion for an extra nourishing and skin softening formulation. Loved by all, it’s one of our best sellers!