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Ayurvedic Productivity Wisdom

‘Work smart, not hard’. Basically, productivity is key to ensure we are working to the best of our ability and making the most out of our precious time. So, each of us works in different ways – from our attitudes towards particular tasks, to our style of working. Each Ayurvedic dosha type has a different personality type, and therefore different ways of working.


Vata types tend to be very creative in personality, and are often keen to get started with a new project once they’ve had an idea. However, they aren’t always particularly good at seeing the task through to the end and finishing! Vata types can be easily distracted and irregularity and change can cause Vata to fall out of balance, so it is important not to overwhelm yourself at the beginning, and to review the project frequently. Try to approach tasks with determination and carry tasks out in a structured and well-planned method.


Pitta types tend to be perfectionists, and once they decide to commit to something they follow it through. When out of balance, Pitta types often get stressed, and can struggle with arguments, face frustration, over work and over commitment. Try to approach tasks calmly and maintain a relaxed atmosphere. It is important for Pitta types to take regular breaks to ensure the workload doesn’t become overwhelming.


Kapha types are often slow starters and sometimes lack motivation to start a task. However, once started, Kapha types will carry out a task at a steady pace. Kapha types can struggle with procrastination, foggy-mindedness, stubbornness and poor motivation. Try to be open-minded and additionally find personal motivators to stay on track. It is wise to snack regularly on healthy foods to stimulate the mind.

General advice for productivity:

1. Make a plan. Before carrying out a project, break it down into ‘bitesize’ chunks to envisage the tasks as more manageable. 2. Create a ‘zen’ workspace which is comfortable, yet with few distractions. Your surroundings can affect your mindset and feelings. 3. Get up fairly early to get started in plenty of time. This will reduce stress by allowing sufficient time to complete the project 4. Snack on healthy, light snacks regularly to stay energised. Ensure you reward yourself after completing each ‘bitesize’ chunk – have a quick walk around, a drink or a stretch! 5. Stay calm. Worrying about the task uses up a lot of energy unnecessarily and can prevent the mind from thinking clearly. Remember that worrying achieves nothing, so think positive thoughts... you can do this! To identify your dosha type, complete our short questionnaire!