Image of Urban Veda Ayurvedic Rituals

Cleansing Ayurvedic Rituals

As an Ayurvedic skincare brand, the sacred concept of ‘rituals’ acts as a foundation. Upon which we develop our products and communicate our identity. When talking about the idea of ‘cleansing’, we’re often talking esoterically rather than just physically. People associate the ‘esoteric’ body with the ‘being’ rather than the ‘physical body’ as such. Meaning that we experience a sense of cleansing in a holistic manner through mind, body and soul.


Ayurveda links the ‘doshas’ with the 5 sense organs, one of which is the nose (associated with Kapha dosha). This dosha, often heavy, sluggish and uninspired when out of balance, benefits from scents such as tea tree, neem and citrus - all of which may be found within our Purifying Range. Why not practice the Ayurvedic ritual of aromatherapy by trying the following:
  1. Deeply cleanse the skin with the Purifying Facial Wash and rinse with cold water to brighten the complexion.
  2. Remove any dead skin cells and slough by applying the Purifying Facial Polish as a mask. Leave it for 5 minutes whilst you inhale the uplifting aromas and then removing by buffing in circular motions.
  3. Balance your skin’s PH levels whilst replacing any lost hydration as you sweep our Purifying Hydrating Toner around the face, pausing at the temples as you again inhale the aromas.
  4. Replenish and protect by massaging the Purifying Day Cream into your complexion. Take a little extra time to release any tightness in your jaw and neck.

Ayurvedic Rituals: Dry Body Brushing

A practice that truly touches upon the mind, body and soul - Gharshana (dry brushing) has been used for thousands of years as an Ayurvedic ritual in order to elevate the mind, boost circulation and detox the lymphatic system. Not to mention skin feels silky smooth and embodies a natural glow. Use our best selling vegan Dry Body Brush to cleanse both internally and externally through practicing the following:
  1. Start at the feet, invigorating the nerve endings found within your soles as you stimulate the blood circulation and warm the roots of your being.
  2. Sweep up along the lower limbs and up the body towards the heart centre, feeling an ignition of creativity and spark of motivation.
  3. Brush down the arms, all the way to the fingertips and feel the body lighter, refreshed and revitalised.

Ayurvedic Rituals: Self-Massage

It’s time to release, unwind and warm up the body. By using our 100% natural Body Oils to practice the sacred ritual of Abhyanga (self-massage) you’ll be able to cleanse the entire nervous system and restore the relationship between body and mind. Try the Ayurvedic ritual of Abhyanga by using one of our Body Oils to do the following:
  1. Rub a generous amount of oil into the palms of your hands. Bring them up to your nose as you inhale the calming aromas.
  2. Begin by massaging the soles of your feet, in between the toes and all around the ankles.
  3. Work your way up your body. Make sure you envelope every cell in nourishing oil.
  4. Let the oil sink deep into the skin as you lay in a blissful state of relaxation.

Ayurvedic Rituals: Tongue Scraping

Ever heard of tongue scraping? It involves quite literally scraping the mucus off your tongue each morning. This has been a practiced Ayurvedic ritual for thousands of years. You need to remove ‘Ama’, also known as toxins in Ayurveda, to prevent inflammation in your gut. Which can in turn even affect your skin. Our Tongue Scrapers are made from 100% Copper, known for its natural cleansing properties and will become a staple in your morning routine. Here’s how to use your Tongue Scraper:
  1. Stick out your tongue and observe the colour of mucus on your tongue. Slightly yellow links to a slight Kapha imbalance whereas white links to Vata/Pitta.
  2. Hold your tongue scraper in two hands and gently guide the arched end over your tongue, starting right at the back and scraping forward the mucus.
  3. Repeat the process a few times and rinse off the mucus in water.