Ayurvedic Christmas Gift Guide

christmas Before we know it, the big day will be upon us. With only 6 weeks left to go, why not make a start on your Christmas shopping to avoid the mad Christmas rushes? Whether you’re buying for someone particularly tricky to please. Or for someone who you just have no idea what to get, we’re here to help. From smaller stocking fillers, to chunkier ‘under the tree’ type presents. Skincare makes a great gift that is bound to put a smile on someone’s face.

For Vatas:

The characteristics of a Vata type, who is often cold and has dry and lack-lustre skin, become heightened in the dark and bitterly cold Winter months, as it is also Vata season. Treat your loved ones to the Radiance Body Ritual Gift Set to ensure their skin remains hydrated and glowing. Featuring the Radiance Body Wash, Scrub, and Lotion, this trio of products is all they will need for a well-deserved pamper session. Their skin will thank you for it.


Kapha types crave heat, so for those Kaphas that are jetting off this Christmas in search of sunnier destinations, ensure they pack the Purifying Discovery Set. Small enough as a stocking filler as well as hand luggage, the minty, fresh fragrance will keep them feeling cleansed during long flights and upon arrival can be stowed away in beach bags. With a wash, scrub and lotion for the face and body they can enjoy their Christmas knowing they have just the right amount of skincare products.


If you know anyone who is a Pitta type, treat them to the Soothing Gift Set. Showcasing a combination of sandalwood scented face and body products. Your special someone will be bowled over by the eight products inside. Pittas are known for working hard and when out of balance can become quite hot headed. Christmas is a time to relax and unwind from work. And this gift set with Lavender and Ylang Ylang will aid you in doing so.


Smelling of a sweet yet gentle rose, this Bath and Body Gift Set will make a luxurious ‘under the tree’ present for someone special. Particularly popular amongst Mother’s, this gift set offers them an easy evening ritual. Allowing you to go to bed content with nurtured skin.