walnut shell benefits

Walnut Shell Powder Benefits

Introducing: Exfoliation in a (Wal)Nut Shell

Walnut shell powder is made by grinding the shells of walnuts into a fine granular solution. It is a natural eco-friendly exfoliant used in many organic skincare products, in-place of microbeads. which are now illegal to use across the UK. Walnut shell powder exfoliators are a bit of a controversial topic- but the walnut shell powder benefits are endless. Over the past ten years there have been cases where the walnut shells were not ground properly. This resulted in skin exfoliators that were very abrasive. However, in recent years, cosmetic companies have begun to re-introduce walnut shell powder as a natural exfoliant. Only this time, the shells are finely ground and are used as a light and gentle exfoliator. These modern finely ground walnut shell skin exfoliators gently remove impurities as well as dull and dry skin, leaving you with smooth and radiant skin. This organic and eco-friendly exfoliator helps even your skin tone by refining your skins texture using very finely ground walnut shells. walnut shell powder benefits

The Exfoliator Trifecta

When it comes to exfoliators there are two main types. The first are chemical exfoliators. Chemical exfoliants remove dead and dull skin by using enzymes or acids, which break down the biochemical bonds holding dead skin cells together. Thereby making it possible to remove them. The second are physical exfoliants, which, when rubbed over your skin, remove dead skin cells. The rubbing physically loosens the dean skin cells and smooths your skin. There is arguably a third and final contributing factor, you. Exfoliation is a personal step in ones skincare routine, as you control the amount of pressure and how frequently you exfoliate your skin. Just like brushing your teeth, if you exfoliate your skin too vigorously or regularly, you can do more harm than good.

Walnut Shell Powder Benefits

The benefits of gently exfoliating your skin with ingredients containing walnut shell powder are…
  • Your skin will have a smooth and even tone.
  • It can help fight against acne and an excess oil build up in your skin.
  • It can help your skin feel smoother and softer.
  • Removes dead and dry skin cells, giving you healthier skin.
  • It is eco-friendly and far better for the environment than exfoliators containing microbeads.
So, to conclude, if you would like to try your hand at a walnut shell powder exfoliator, take a look at our range of Facial Polishes. Get your exfoliators in preparation for the summer months if you want to remove skin blemishes and boast smooth and healthy skin. In effect, exfoliating is a bit like giving your skin the spring cleaning it deserves.