what to use muslin cloths for

The Benefits of Muslin Cloths

The Benefits of Muslin Cloths

There’s a reason the ancient teachings of 5,000 year old Ayurveda still exists in today’s world: it works! At Urban Veda, we trust in the old and embrace long-standing rituals to promote good health and well-being. Our 100% organic cotton dual-cleansing muslin cloths (bit of a mouthful, but it will all make sense by the end of this blog) are brand new to Urban Veda but fairly ancient to the world. We are certainly playing catch up on this long-standing, trustworthy material with muslin first being used for making clothes back in the 1600s. Muslin cloths aren’t new to the beauty industry either and before you go out and buy the latest gadget or product that promises to exfoliate away your dead skin, why not turn back to your trusted steed in the form of the muslin cloth to do the job like it has been for so many years? benefits of muslin cloths - urban veda muslin cloths

Here are all the benefits of muslin cloths:

  1. They provide a gentle daily exfoliation to the skin. When used AM and PM, they will keep skin glowing and vibrant as any new dead skin cells are gently removed. The texture of the muslin cloth acts as a mild exfoliator yet the super soft touch won’t aggravate the skin so over exfoliating won’t be a thing. Basically, you get the best of both worlds.
  2. They leave the skin extra clean and cared for. Muslin cloths get into the nooks and crannies that you might ordinarily miss from just rinsing off some face wash with your hands. Use them alongside your daily facial wash and massage in circular motions for pristine and pampered skin.
  3. They are a winner with sensitive skin. For those with super sensitive skin, muslin cloths could be your saving grace when it comes to exfoliation. Some scrubs and exfoliators can aggravate hyper delicate skin, so the muslin cloth can provide the perfect alternative. Everyone deserves youthful, fresh and glowing skin so don’t let your skin sensitivity tell you otherwise.
  4. They can be used with any product. The versatility of muslin cloths means you can use them to remove all types of cleansers, exfoliators, masks or any other wash off product. Remember to use a fresh one every other day and just pop the dirty ones in the washing machine. You now have an excuse to stock up on some more and you will feel super sustainable in doing so.

Cue the music:

The Urban Veda Dual Cleansing Muslin Cloth. 100% Organic Cotton. 100% necessity. With emphasis on the dual-cleansing, our muslin cloths have 2 different textures for two different purposes. There is the traditional muslin, finer side and a thicker, uber soft texture on the reverse side.

Our Top Tips:

Remove makeup with the thicker textured side as it grips product really well – it literally feels like a soft pillow is removing your makeup. Similarly use this side to remove your exfoliating polish as it grips to the cream formulation and removes the walnut shell exfoliating granules without harming the skin. Then go for the muslin side to delve deeper into removing all traces of makeup whilst providing you with that gentle daily exfoliation.

The Back Story:

Made in India and from 100% organic cotton, these muslin cloths are also sustainable. With the improved cultural and social impacts for farmers as well as the positive environmental impact of using 91% less water as opposed to regular cotton, it was a no brainer to go organic. Organic cotton is also safer to use on the skin, as no pesticides were used to grow it. Skin is less likely to feel irritated or aggravated and instead feel harmonised and fresh. Moral of the story: trust in the old