Image of Award-Winning Body Brush

Our Award-Winning Body Brush!

We are thrilled to announce that our award-winning body brush has won a beauty industry award:

Highly Commended in the Beauty Accessories category in the well-known Pure Beauty awards.

Dry body brushing is an Ayurvedic ritual, people know it as Garshana. It dates back over 5,000 years old. More commonly known as ‘dry body brushing’. Performing this ritual daily will bring many benefits to the skin, internal body and mental wellbeing.

Our award-winning dry body brush is of course 100% vegan. Fun fact, the bristles are made from sisal cactus to buff skin. So, they really get to work dislodging internal toxins stuck in our lymph nodes.

According to Ayurveda and the doshas, body brushing should be done in different ways for each dosha. Body brushing upwards increases internal energy and prevents stagnant energy from festering, so if you are a dominant Kapha dosha then brush upwards towards the heart centre. This will keep you feeling mentally stimulated and motivated.

Contrastingly, if you are dominant Vata, then brushing upwards will add to the already fast paced and energetic energy that a Vata naturally has, which can result in imbalance and an increased feeling of anxiety or worry. Therefore, brush downwards to encourage a sense of grounding and stillness. Finally, for the Pitta dosha, brush in a similar way to the Vata recommendations, to soothe any tension instead of increasing energy.

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