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Holistic Health & Herbal Teas

herbal teas Herbal teas are an integral part of Ayurveda and have been since its beginning over 5,000 years ago. Made from leaves, flowers and roots of plants with health-giving and medicinal properties, herbal teas support our wellbeing in a number of ways, from relaxation to aiding sleep to detoxing our internal organs. Drinking herbal teas are a way of your body getting access to some powerful antioxidants and ingredients that we otherwise may not consume. So whether or not you have a health concern, Ayurvedic herbal teas will provide you will some immune boosting nutrients. However, if you have a specific wellness goal in mind, here are some of our top types of herbal teas:


Passion flower teas soothe agitated minds and relax tired muscles. Making it a warming cup of herbal bliss after a challenging and long day. Passion flower has numerous benefits and can even calm the feelings of anxiety, promoting a healthy night sleep due to its natural sedative properties. This tea can help you reset your sleeping patterns for a deep and healthy sleep so if you are a Pitta and could benefit from winding down before bedtime, why not try a passion flower tea?

Immune Boosting

Liquorice and turmeric teas have powerful effects on the immune system and help to restore your sense of well being. They are particularly recommended for anyone who is the Vata dosha. As these individuals can often suffer from low immune systems. We use these botanicals for their powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in our Radiance Skincare range designed to heal and soothe tired and dehydrated skin. These ingredients also have the same health benefits when drank in a tea. So, for Vata’s who often have sensitive digestive systems, these ingredients can really help to reduce internal inflammation.

Improves Digestion

The phenols in herbal tea have been shown to have a beneficial effect in strengthening inner muscles. And promote a healthy digestive system. So if you are suffering from digestion problems, try drinking a ginger tea before meals or a peppermint tea throughout the day to soothe the digestive organs. Recommended for the Kapha dosha, these ingredients help to detoxify the internal organs promoting a healthy digestive and metabolic system. These teas will also help to avoid overeating which can often be confused with thirst.

Mental Stimulation

Drinking tea regularly helps to unlock its true power and to stimulate the mind. Green tea contains a high quantity of antioxidants which has benefits on the brain, reducing the risk of cognitive impairment. Drinking green tea throughout the day will help to keep concentration levels up. And its additional health benefits will detox the body from toxins.