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Stay-cation Essentials

Stay-cation Essentials

Here at Urban Veda we believe that you can have as much fun on home turf as you can abroad, and that a stay-cation in the U.K this summer is an absolute must. With countless locations to visit, sights to see and areas of outstanding natural beauty to get lost in, why wouldn’t you want to head to the hills and enjoy the sunshine with family, friends or even solo? If you are planning a stay-cation, or have a holiday lined up, then this blog is for you as we share our top tips for packing.

What Stay-cation Essentials You Will Need To Pack

We all have a tendency to over pack, however a weekend away means you can pack lightly and just take the absolute essentials. Try and include:
  • A lot of comfortable clothes, including pyjamas and slippers
  • Your go to skincare miniatures – deluxe sizes come into their own in the hot summer months. Small and compact, you can travel happy knowing that your skincare routine doesn’t have to be compromised. Shop travel miniatures here.
  • Sun protection (SPF 50 is best) is going to be one of the most important things in your backpack. Whilst it is crucial to being using SPF all year round, proper sun protection is especially needed in summer time as these months is when our Pitta dosha can become easily aggravated in the sun. (read more on how to quell and calm the Pitta in Summer here). Our Soothing Travel Range contains ingredients designed to soothe, hydrate and calm inflamed skin so for those sunburnt patches, smother them in healing Sandalwood. Shop our Soothing Range here.
  • A Kindle, or a new book to get stuck into. There is nothing more relaxing than relaxing in an idyllic location reading a gripping story.

What You Will Need To Do

Here at Urban Veda, we are constantly in awe of what Mother Nature has provided this planet with. Not only do we draw on her plants in our skincare products, but we also appreciate our natural surrounding wherever we go, especially when we are enjoying a tip away. We suggest doing the following:
  • Explore your surroundings – we do not often get the chance to explore a new town, new forests, beaches or hills. Exploring can be cathartic, exciting and will give you time for some introspection, and maybe even some self-discovery.
  • Make sure you unwind, and relax. This may seem like a given but there are many things that can competently hinder our ability to find an inner sense of serenity. Switch off your phone, or keep it hidden in your bag to really connect with your natural surroundings rather than the cyber world. If you can, do a full digital detox. This will help to disengage the mind from work (and its associated stresses) as well as from social media. Remember, there is no time like the present!
  • Have some me-time. Take time and embrace those me-moments when they materialise. Make the most of them, take a deep breath, enjoy your surroundings and listen to the world around you.
If you are unsure of your skin type, then why not complete our skin test? We have stay-cation essentials miniatures for all skin types so whether you have oily, dry or sensitive skin, we have something for everyone. Perfect for your next trip away. stay-cation essentials