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How to Pacify your Pitta

How to Pacify your Pitta

In this blog, our intention is to shed a little light on how to pacify the Pitta dosha during its most dominant time of year. The doshas react and interact with the changing seasons. So as Spring transforms into Summer, the Pitta dosha transforms into the most dominant element. The increased sunshine and humidity that summer brings inevitably accompanies and augments this transition. Not everyone is naturally a dominant Pitta. Because each and every one of us has all five elements within us. So, we therefore all have a certain amount of Pitta. During Pitta’s peak season, the Sun can have the potential to cause havoc on internal bodily systems and functions. As well as our skin as the heat increases the fire element of the Pitta dosha. The need for balance is therefore crucial in keeping the Pitta flames at bay and enjoy all that summer has to bring.

The Role Of The Pitta

The role of Pitta Dosha in the human body is an extensive one, with an imbalance manifesting itself in a multitude of different and diverse ways. If the imbalance is not addressed, then typical signs of imbalance could be feeling unusually and consistently warm (feverish), heartburn, high blood pressure, localised rashes or redness of the skin as well as a tendency towards easily burning in strong sun. As well as the physical manifestations of this Dosha imbalance, you may feel some physiological shifts as well. Just as the Dosha itself consists of earth and water, the changes in the Pitta Dosha be felt in the mind and in the body as well. These psychological effects are broad but may materialise in the form of an irritability that is hard to shake, anger that comes and goes as well as frustration that can result in irregular mood swings.

Balancing The Pitta Dosha In Summer

Thankfully, by following some general advice and by learning a few simple tips and tricks, bringing this Dosha back into balance is very manageable with day to day lives. Essentially, to restore balance to Pitta, one must remain cool of mind, body and spirit. This may seem quite confusing advice however ‘keeping cool’ can also be translated as keeping your thoughts collected and concise, not flying off the handlebars and remaining in control at all times. Here’s how you can achieve this:


  • Introduce practices that may aid you in your quest towards mental, physical and spiritual clarity. These may include Yoga (particularly excellent poses are the Fish, Camel, Boat, Cobra, Cow and the Tree), meditation and/or mindfulness. As these promote balance whilst also keeping your fiery Pitta in check. Yin Yoga is the style of yoga that is recommended for Pittas. As holding each posture for roughly 2 minutes helps to focus and calm the mind.
  • Exercising should be done either in limitation during the hottest hours of the day (typically between 11am and 3pm) or saved for the early morning or evening when the temperate is at its coolest. This will ensure that your body and your mind do not overheat; exacerbating the Pitta Dosha.


  • Adopt a diet that will pacify the Pitta Dosha. This diet should include the sweet and the dry tastes, with special attention given to raw foods, cold foods and bitter tasting things. A Mediterranean/Greek style vegetarian/vegan salad could be the perfect go-to throughout the summer months. Avoid spicy, salty and sour flavours which will help to keep your excess Pitta at bay.


  • Hydrate throughout the day with water or green tea served over ice – refreshing and nutritious. If drinking plain water all day seems unappetising, you could also add some fruit to your water for some flavour.


  • If you do find yourself sunburnt then products rich in sandalwood or turmeric are the perfect salve for unhappy, burnt skin. You can also use aloe vera or coconut oil, applying these directly onto the skin.
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