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Menstrual cycle and Skin

No one knows your body better than you and you probably already know some of the physical and emotional signs of when your period is approaching. Whether you suffer with acne or just the occasional spot before your period, menstrual cycle hormones play a big part in skin health and the more you know the better you can sync your skin routine to your cycle. Depending on the time of the month, you might experience oily skin, dry skin, breakouts or a natural, bright glow. But what exactly causes those changes and how can you tailor your skin routine to match your unique cycle? The one word answer is: hormones. We’ve teamed up with our friends at WUKA (where you can find super comfortable and sustainable period pants) to share some tips about looking and feeling your best throughout your cycle.

Dry Skin means your period is here

Day one of your cycle is the first day of your period. As your progesterone and estrogen hormone levels are low, this is when you tend to experience dry skin. This is a great time to lock in moisture with your favourite moisturiser or facial oil to help make your skin feel plump and hydrated.

Strong and Healthy Skin

Your body starts to produce estrogen again as your period begins to finish. This beauty hormone plumps the skin and promotes collagen production, making your skin appear strong and healthy. This is the time where the dull, dry skin begins to fade away and with the increase of energy you also begin to feel and look brighter.

The Natural Glow - Party ON skin

Mother Nature designed us to look best when we are ovulating, during our fertility window, (around the 14th day of your cycle). This is when our mood is on the rise and we are looking great, thanks to the high levels of collagen. Sadly some of us are less lucky than others and may have some breakouts making an appearance, due the skin being more prone to oiliness. Enjoy the glow that mama nature gave you and keep your face cleansed to avoid the early breakouts. Our Purifying range is fantastic for keeping your complexion clear.

Oily skin - your period is around the corner

After ovulation your body will produce the hormone progesterone which can increase the production of a thick oily substance called sebum. This natural skin lubricant can cause our pores to clog and contribute to more breakouts. Ensure to clean your face regularly and use your favourite face masks to collect the excess oil. You may already know that water retention is pretty common during the lead up to your period and the food cravings may lead to indulgence of less healthy option; which will have an impact on your complexion. Remember to be kind to yourself doing this time, drink lots of water to help keep your skin clear. It might also be useful to carry a spare pair of your WUKA period pants and prepare for early spotting or your period.

Syncing your skin care to your cycle

It’s important to know that the skin doesn’t need the same treatment while ovulating as during the premenstrual phase. Taking your menstrual cycle into account when choosing skin care products, can help to ensure that you look and feel your best throughout the month. Just like choosing the right skin care that fits around your cycle, it’s also important to choose the right menstrual product for your flow. WUKA Period pants come in heavy, medium and light flow, making your periods easier than ever before. For further information about period pants, visit or WUKA makes the world’s most comfortable period pants that replace all tampons and pads. Our WUKA friends are also currently petitioning for the ‘luxury’ tax to be removed from period pants. To sign their petition, please click here.