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How to Make Mature Skin Glow

How to Make Mature Skin Glow

We often recognise when someone looks well or healthy through observing their complexion. If they appear off-colour, dehydrated or to have a slightly dull visage, it may be assumed that they are lacking in vitality and energy. The only thing is, sometimes nature just takes its toll and life takes over. There are times where we find ourselves outputting more energy than we are taking in (especially as parents). Mature skin shouldn’t be thought of as ‘getting old’ but more as ‘holding a lot of knowledge and responsibility’. It’s true, as we get older, we do take on more and more responsibility, pressure and caretaking. If only that ‘caretaking’ was for ourselves right? Well, know it’s time to start taking care of your skin and cultivating that internal and external glow…

How to Start

Begin by cleansing all of the stress, signs of hard work and residue of the day off with something that will deeply nourish your mature skin without stripping it bare. Our Reviving Facial Wash contains a synergy of Rose flower waters to gently yet thoroughly wash away dirt and bacteria. The enriching formula hydrates as it cleanses with organic botanical extracts of pro-ageing Indian arjuna and repairing rosehip. Follow by toning the skin to increase suppleness and regenerate skin cells. Enriched with Geranium, our Reviving Hydrating Toner works to soothe dry skin whilst Aloe vera refreshes and revitalises the skin to an overall brightened and hydrated complexion.

Finishing Up

Thought you couldn’t get any more hydrated? Well, as it turns out, there’s even more you can do to help perimenopausal skin that yearns to be quenched- let’s talk creams and oils. If you’re the kind of person that never seems to be able to absorb quite enough moisture, then an oil may be just what you need. Our Reviving Facial Oil contains a blend of soothing organic oils to help keep skin supple, radiant and glowing all year round. Still not enough? After massaging in your oil, try smoothing a Night Cream from your neck to your face. Our Reviving Renewal Night Cream is made with a blend of rose flower waters and Ayurvedic Arjuna, resulting in a soft and supple complexion to take care of you whilst you sleep. If you’re still not radiating after all that pampering, make sure to drink enough water and try to get some rest! We know things can get a little busy sometimes, but you deserve the glow you never thought you’d have- trust us!