Ayurvedic Rituals

Morning Ayurvedic Rituals

Start your day the right way with Ayurvedic Rituals

Ayurvedic rituals are a brilliant way to start your day, and we will tell you why. When you roll out of bed, after snoozing your alarm for the third time, and blearily stumble your way through to your bathroom (or to the nearest source of caffeine), it is completely natural to think to yourself, I wish I had what those people who going running at 6am had. This thought again rears its ugly head when you are racing to catch your tube in a tangle of bags, stress and sweat. Sitting at your desk, realising you again forgot that one file at home you might think to yourself, what if I had gotten up an hour earlier, squeezed in some yoga, meditated and mindfully prepared for the day ahead. Sound familiar? Well, you are not alone, I can promise you that.

The importance of morning Ayurveda rituals

According to Ayurvedic rituals, practices and beliefs, how you spend the first hour of your day, is a fundamental factor in creating and maintaining your happiness and welfare. Ayurvedic morning rituals range from drinking from a copper jug to tongue scraping. However, they all share the same goal and purpose, to set you up, to have a great day. We have done some research and compiled an Ayurvedic morning ritual for you, read on to find out just how Ayurveda says you should start your day.

Waking up

Ayurvedic practices say that you should (in a perfect world) be getting out of bed and ready to face the day before sunrise. However, for all intents and purposes, we say, 6am is as a time as any. For those of you out there that do not see themselves as ‘morning people’ this may be initially trying. However, trust us on this one, starting your Ayurvedic clock at 6am means that you are beginning your day in a spiritually fruitful time, according to the science of Ayurveda. Getting up at 6am is like eating a great low-GI breakfast and allows you to maintain a steadfast energy throughout your day.

A Morning Prayer or an Affirmation

Rather than start your day feeling stressed and anxious after scrolling through your phone for an extra fifteen minutes that you don’t have time for, swap your phone for a morning prayer or affirmation. Whether you choose to give thanks to a higher power, the universe or yourself for getting out of bed with a spring in your step, an act of gratitude sets a positive precedent for your day.

Cleanse your tongue and throat

Use your tongue scraper to remove the coating of Ama or toxins that gather and accumulate overnight. Then we suggest brushing your teeth and treating yourself with a warm cup of lemon or lime tea. This is quick and easy to make, simply squeeze a quarter of the citrus into a cup of boiling water and leave to cool before drinking. This cleanses your mouth and throat and tastes wonderfully crisp and fresh.

Time for Abhyanga

Use this time of self-massage, whether it is ten minutes or half an hour, to play some soft calming music and gently massage your skin and body with a deliciously aromatic body oil (link to body oils). This ritualistic practice of self-love adds an extra layer of protection to your skin for your day ahead.


Ayurvedic morning rituals suggest that your morning exercise does not have to be a high intensity workout. Rather to try some yoga or a light jog as a start to your day.

Begin your Morning Meditation

Before you begin your morning meditation, we suggest cleansing your skin with a quick shower, using hot water to open your pores and allow the oil from your self-massage to sink into your pores. You want to be clean before instigating your sense of spirituality, just like you would not go to a church in your gym gear, it is important to clean up first before you begin your meditation.

Break your fast

To end your Ayurvedic morning routine, eat a light and easily digestible breakfast. An example of a vegan, tridoshic and ayurvedic meal to start your day is stewed apples.

Invest in morning Ayurvedic Rituals

We are all busy with kids, businesses, side hustles and our goals, and that is why we should place more importance on how we prepare for and start our day. It determines whether you conquer your day or spend too much time watching the clock and struggle to get through it.