Geeta Vara

Interview: Geeta Vara

Geeta Vara Name: Geeta Vara

What is your role and what does it entail?

As an Ayurvedic practitioner, I see my role as facilitating patients to truly listen to their body. We spend endless amounts of time searching for answers outside of ourselves but many answers can be found by looking within, to help us to become the healthiest version of ourselves. I help clients resolve a host of complaints and health conditions through herbs, diet, nutrition, lifestyle coaching, therapeutic treatments, yoga, breathing and meditation. By identifying the root cause, applying natural curative measures where necessary and following daily practices for preventative health ensures Ayurveda is both a system of medicine and 'a way of life'.

What sparked your initial interest in Ayurveda?

During my early spiritual development and exploration phase of natural healing modalities back in the early noughties, nothing felt as all encompassing, scientific and practical as Ayurveda. I realised that I had daily ayurvedic rituals as part of my childhood but just didn't know it. As cliché as it sounds, Ayurveda really felt like ‘my calling’. I’m not sure of the exact point that I realised that it would become my life purpose but I fell in love with the truly ‘whole-istic’ approach to health and the beautiful marriage of science and spirituality. I haven't looked back since.

How would you describe Ayurveda in one sentence?

Using both curative and preventative modalities, Ayurveda is the most profound 360° approach to personalised health and wellness.

What is your dominant dosha?

I'm a Pitta/Vata type (i.e. a dominance of fire and air qualities)

What does a typical day look like?

I love the variety my work brings, from health consultations, workshops, retreats, corporate wellness talks and therapeutic treatment to my recent immersion of writing my debut book - Ayurveda. It can be a real balancing act when you work for yourself, so the sacred time of the early mornings is essential for me to stay grounded and mentally clear (as well as can be), with my daily morning cleansing ritual, yoga stretches, breathing and meditation to get my day started and my evening and bedtime rituals to unwind from the day.

What is the best part of your job?

The truth is, I believe when you're passionate about your work it transitions from being 'a job' to being a truly fulfilling 'life purpose', I feel truly blessed to be one of the lucky few who genuinely loves my work. In clinic, I get a buzz from seeing Ayurveda work its magic with clients. Even the smallest practical changes can have a significant impact on our mind, body and emotions because we start to align ourselves to the way nature intended. When I engage in educational seminars, people are astounded at how logical and practical Ayurveda really is. I also get to have working holidays at amazing locations when I take people on retreats. Learn more about my work at

What has been your proudest moment?

I would say it's my most recent achievement, holding my very own published book: Ayurveda. It's my contribution for the wellness of mankind. It is an accessible and authentic introduction to Ayurveda. And it is a practical diet and lifestyle guide that can be tailored to your dosha type. If someone picks up the book. And they only take away a few tips that can contribute to their wellness, I’d be thrilled.

Which is your favourite Urban Veda product?

I am really enjoying the Radiance Facial Oil which I use in the evenings so it has all night to fully absorb into my skin. It smells amazing!

What's your favourite skincare tip?

Keep it simple and opt for natural chemical-free products. Less really is more. I have a very minimalist skincare routine and it sometimes surprises people. My main indulgence is the occasional mulatani mitti (aka fullers earth) face pack with rose water which works a treat. This is an integral component to my in-clinic facial abhyanga treatment.

Tell us something about you that we don't already know:

Although my shapes aren’t something to be desired, I love to dance! It's not only brilliant exercise, it brings a great sense of joy and freedom. Other than that you'll find me in the chocolate aisle seeking out some good quality organic, raw dark chocolate.