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Incorporate Turmeric into Routine

Curcuma Longa, or otherwise known as Turmeric, has exploded in popularity recently and it is no surprise given the infinite benefits of this bright orange root vegetable. Not only is it anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidant content it has also been used continuously for its skin brightening properties, making it as advantageous for the body internally as externally. For more information about the benefits of Turmeric, head over to our previous blog, 10 facts about Turmeric. turmeric powder With so many great qualities, Turmeric is certainly something that should have a regular place in our daily routines. Here are our favourite ways to incorporate it into our everyday life to maximise on all its benefits:

Morning Skincare Routine:

Nothing feels better than cleansing your face first thing in the morning and our Radiance Facial Wash and Facial Exfoliating Polish will cleanse, soften and brighten your skin. Follow your morning cleanse with the Radiance Day Cream as a great makeup primer.

Breakfast: Porridge

Porridge is a common, filling breakfast for many people so maintain that morning simplicity by adding a hint of the magical orange powder along with the oats and milk. Cook as you would normally.

Breakfast Drink: Juice

Brighten up your morning with a refreshing and hydrating Carrot, Ginger and Turmeric juice. Blitz together some carrots, a lemon, some freshly grated ginger and turmeric. Add some water to loosen the consistency as desired.

Morning Coffee: Latte

The infamous ‘golden milk’ makes the perfect comforting tea. Simmer some coconut milk on the hob and add some turmeric powder. turmeric latte

Lunch: Soup

Butternut Squash, Ginger, and Turmeric make the perfect soup combination. Roast the butternut squash with an onion until soft and then mix together in a blender with some grated ginger and turmeric along with some vegetable stock.

Lunch: Tofu Scramble/Frittata

Simply sprinkle some of that orange powder in with the scrambled tofu or frittata mix. This is a great way to start introducing this incredible ingredient into your diet due to the same vibrant colour.

Supper: Vegan Steak

With turmeric being a root vegetable, tossing some powder in with other root vegetables works extremely well. Try coating a cauliflower steak in the powder along with some cumin and paprika before roasting it. This is a great way to cook cauliflower as it cooks evenly to leave a succulent and spicy vegan steak. Pair it with your other favourite veggies.

Bedtime Tea: Turmeric Tea

Simply boil the kettle and add some turmeric powder. Add some raw honey and lemon for flavour and a sprinkle of black pepper to enhance turmeric’s benefits.

Night Time Skincare Regime:

After a long day, treat your skin to a good wash and Body Scrub to enhance cell growth followed by the deeply hydrating and popular Radiance Body Lotion. Turmeric not only improves skin tone but also restores suppleness. Let it work its magic overnight! radiance shower