Embracing Veganism

The V Word

Veganism. To some, the word is familiar, but to others it is daunting or unknown. More and more people are changing their diets and lifestyles and adapting them in favour of this way of living. Whether it be for environmental reasons or health reasons. Many people are enjoying the benefits of a healthier and more natural lifestyle.

How does this affect me?

Having the power to choose how we fuel our bodies, comes with a huge amount of responsibility. Because, it is up to us to look after ourselves, but why should we stop there? If we fill our bodies with natural, vegan food on the inside, shouldn’t we be opting for vegan beauty products too? At Urban Veda, we are all about the natural side of life and being based around Ayurveda, we chose to treat our skin imbalances through pure, natural remedies. Having accreditations like the Leaping Bunny and Vegan Approved by the Vegetarian Society and PETA. Confirms that we are a completely natural and vegan skincare brand, allowing you to reward your body on the outside with the vegan way of life too.

Vegan perks for your skin

Our skin is our largest organ and is bombarded daily with a variety of uncontrollable pollutants. So when it comes to beauty regimes, which are controllable, avoiding unpronounceable ingredients like ‘Propylene Glycol’, ‘Parabens’ or ‘Methylisothiazolinone’ is so crucial when caring for our skin. Ingredients in beauty products are often overlooked, the list can seem endless with words we’ve never seen before. Customers buy into a popular brand and subsequently buy any new products that are released. We should be taking the same approach to our beauty products as we do when we go to the supermarket. And make mindful decisions about choosing healthy foods. Making the switch to an all natural, cruelty free, and vegan life can seem daunting at the thought of where to start. But, with the increase in energy and renewed healthy and glowing skin. You will soon remember why so many people before you have made the change.