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Changing Skincare & Seasons

Changing Seasons

After a long and beautiful Summer, Autumn has officially arrived. So, the time for changing skincare routines is upon us. And as the seasons change, the effects of the change in weather conditions means our skin is also affected differently. So, just like the seasons our skincare needs to change too. Swap out your staple summer skincare products in favour of thicker and more hydrating products. This will protect your skin against the colder climates we face. The key focus in changing skincare regimes for these cooler months is hydration. The skin becomes easily dehydrated during Autumn and Winter due to the lack of moisture in the cold air. Central heating gets turned up and despite making our houses cosy and warm. So, our skin also dries out as a consequence. This leaves the skin feeling dry and lifeless and that glowing suppleness that we maintained in summer unfortunately visibly fades from the skin’s complexion. This change in weather to the colder seasons means that the Vata dosha is coming into dominance. This dosha is made from a combination of the Ether and Air elements which explains why Vata’s are known for having dry and dehydrated skin. Everyone has a combination of each dosha which interchange to become more dominant or submissive depending on the seasons. With that in mind, as well as the colder and drier air that Winter brings, the Vata dosha is heightened for everyone.

Change your Skincare routine

Change your skincare routine to the Urban Veda Radiance range. Which suites Vata types. Especially those with dry and dehydrated skin. The range contains skin brightening Turmeric. As well as other natural botanicals and plenty of fruit enzymes such as papaya, goji berry and orange to protect against the cold. Moreover it improves lack-lustre skin. Start your day with the Radiance Day Cream, perfect as a hydrating primer under makeup which moisturises the skin due to the combination of so many natural ingredients. Complement your morning cream with the thicker Radiance Night Cream before bedtime. Our skin repairs itself as we sleep. So, using a thicker cream in winter is essential to restore hydration and the liquorice also promotes elasticity and suppleness. Finish off your winter skincare regime with our 100% natural Reviving Facial Oil. Facial Oils are best used after a night cream. Because, the oil locks in moisture from water based creams, meaning your skin completely absorbs all of the hydrating nutrients.