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Body Lotion versus Body Oil

We recently launched our 100% Natural Ayurvedic Body Oils, but you may be wondering, what is the difference between a body lotion and a body oil? Should I be using both? We explain all there is to know about each and when to use them...

Body Oils Explained:

  1. Body oils contain the purest, strongest form of an ingredient. This is because the nature of the product, being an oil, means the formulations do not contain water which would dilute the formulation and potency of the ingredients down. This means the key to using a body oil is on damp skin. As this ensures the water is locked into the skin, therefore maintaining hydration.
  2. The trick to body oils is massage, massage, massage. The more the oil is worked into the skin, the more it will penetrate the skin's layers and condition the skin further. We are always in need of an extra pamper and bit of TLC – so incorporating a body oil into your routine provides just that.
  3. Our body oils are aligned to the Ayurvedic ritual of Abhyanga, also known as Self Massage, which has many benefits for the mind as well as the skin. Self-massage boosts blood circulation, encourages lymphatic drainage, improves sleep due to the detox of internal toxins and deeply conditions skin.

Body Lotions Explained:

  1. Body lotions contain water so are a great source of hydration for the skin which in turn, helps your skin retain water and therefore moisture. Skin will feel and appear healthy and hydrated.
  2. Our Body Lotions are super-fast absorbing. So if you are rushed for time but want to ensure yourskin is hydrated, reach for a body lotion.

The difference:

  1. If you are rushed for time, then opt for a body lotion. Our super-fast absorbing body lotions will hydrate your skin sufficiently if you are on a time budget.
  2. When you have more time, opt for the body oil. And massage into damp skin to really enhance for physical and mental wellbeing.
  3. Use both! Using a body oil after your body lotion will lock in all water and hydration found in the body lotion. Locking in the water is crucial to prevent any of it evaporating, which occurs naturally.