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What is Rosacea?

What is Rosacea?

“You’re looking awfully embarrassed”, “Didn’t know you’d just been out on a run?” or “You’ve caught the sun!”- yep, if you suffer from rosacea, you may have had some of these observations directed at you… So, what is rosacea? -A chronic skin condition with irregular facial flushing that can become more permanent over time. It can be accompanied by visible blood vessels, pustules, swelling, inflamed and irritated eyes and dry patches. So now is where we introduce our Social Media & Influencer Executive, Sophie… Having suffered from rosacea for as long as I can remember. Being the pink skinned pal who looks like a cross between sunburnt and embarrassed. Was something I thought was normal for a long time. I remember when I entered my teenage years, and filters started to become a thing. I began to feel less and less at peace with the rosiness of my skin. The thing is, it wasn’t acne and any time I applied anything heavy and creamy. It set off a beaming red stop light almost immediately. So for a while, I just thought I might have ‘combination’ skin. However, it turns out that what I was experiencing was symptoms of rosacea. With every filter I used to cover up my skin, the relationship I had with my complexion worsened. Now, when people said, “Are you embarrassed?”, I actually was.

This Isn't a Pity Party

I’m not writing this as some kind of sob story, but really to address the source of my insecurity and highlight what triggers my crimson flushes. So back to the filters, which created such a stark contrast against my actual skin. I couldn’t shake the feeling that something about me was wrong or ‘not the norm’. I began to desperately seek the perfect potion. To even my pores and alleviate any sign of redness. Which only added to the problem as the excess in fragrance and irritants triggered sporadic outbursts that were often painful.

Then Magic Happened.

Enough was enough, I had spent a vast amount of time and money trying to figure out what was wrong with my skin, I decided to let go and think about what was, well, right with my skin. Rosacea can be treated with UV and there are some suggestions to its relationship with the gut; however, I have personally found the best way to live with it so far is to be at peace with my complexion and maintain a gentle approach. The triggers were not only external (topical creams and cleansers) but also internal. If I find myself particularly stressed I am likely to touch my face more and rub my eyes, which in turn, aggravates my skin and encourages inflammation. I’m very vata so the blood and energy within my body definitely rushes towards my head, to counteract this I often massage the soles of my feet before bed and dry brush in downward sweeping motions rather than up toward my heart centre. This grounds me and balances my circulation.

How my Job Changed How I Thought.

I think something I have definitely come to realise, especially after working for a skincare brand, is that everybody has a very unique complexion and no size fits all. This is why doing the internal work first is my go-to approach. In order to navigate my internal self and recognise triggers or monitor the relationship I have with my body and skin, I write in the Urban Veda Journal everyday. I begin by listing positive phrases about my skin and Self, which I then follow with a five minute ‘free writing’ session, during which I let myself pour out onto the page. This helps my mental health, whilst also enabling me to detox my mind and consequently let go of anything I may be holding onto- including my rosacea insecurities. So, that’s Sophie’s story, what’s yours?