Image of Urban Veda Ayurvedic Vegan-Friendly Skincare

Vegan-Friendly Skincare

Vegan-Friendly Skincare As you may well know, we are proud to not just be a cruelty-free brand, but each and every one of our products is also vegan-friendly. Veganism is growing in popularity by the second, but what does it mean to be a vegan-friendly skincare brand? It simply means that we do not exploit animals at any point of our business. We promise we have used no animal-derived ingredients in the making of our products. Furthermore, we don't, and will never test on animals. To strengthen this promise, we have achieved prestigious accreditations to prove that we stay true to our word. You'll never find lanolin, beeswax, royal jelly, lactose, honey or carmine or any other animal derivative in any of our products. We've also never used microbeads, as we know how harmful these plastic particles are to our ocean-based friends. We have been accredited as 'cruelty-free' by both PETA and Cruelty Free International. And, we have been accredited as 'vegan-friendly' by The Vegetarian Society and PETA. Moreover, we went through an array of vigorous checks to achieve these accreditations, so we are incredibly proud of them. We believe that in order to create natural products to support a holistic, balanced lifestyle. Kindness and compassion should be a focus of ours through everything we do. Learn more about our philosophy here.

Are cruelty-free or vegan-friendly products important to you?