Image of Urban Veda Ayurvedic Christmas Stocking Fillers

Urban Veda Stocking Fillers

Treat Your Loved Ones.

We share our Stocking Fillers Gift Guide, full of many of our latest product launches that are the perfect size for stuffing a stocking. It’s a funny old one really isn’t it - hanging an oversized sock above the fireplace in the hope that a generous old man might slide down the chimney whilst his reindeers chill out on your rooftop, waiting for him to fill the oversized socks abundantly with trinket sized gifts…? Taking inspiration from this age-old ritual, we’ve decided to put together a little stocking fillers list for all the Santa’s out there who need a helping hand and a smidge of inspiration...

For the one who usually goes away at Christmas (and will be first on the plane when lockdown lifts):

  • One (or 4) of our Urban Veda Discovery sets - what better way to explore a new brand than making your way through a full set of miniatures? Dabble in Urban Veda and you’ll be sure to take the plunge...
  • Hand Sanitisers - It’s important we remind those around us to stay safe, especially during the festive season, and there was never a subtler way to express your care than drop a herbal hand hero in your loved one’s stocking this year.

For the ‘spiritual’ friend:

  • Tongue Cleaner -For both internal and external clarity and cleanse, the Urban Veda Tongue Cleaner will help you understand what's going on inside so you can comprehend any external symptoms you may be having such as acne, rosacea or dehydrated skin.
  • Journal - A space to collect your thoughts, track your skin and monitor your mental health patterns.

For the one who hasn’t heard of Urban Veda before!:

  • Urban Veda Christmas Cracker - was there anything more festive than a Christmas Cracker? The clue is in the name - this gift provides someone the opportunity to Discover the Urban Veda Secret for the first time, featuring a best seller from each range in the miniature form.
  • Soothing Facial Wash - You can’t go wrong with a Bestseller right? You only have to take a glance at our five-star reviews to know this one will no doubt go down well.

For the ‘new- year new-me’ friend who really deserves a fresh start this year:

  • Organic Muslin Cloths - Nothing says ‘fresh’ better than a deeply cleansing and equally exfoliating cloth to wipe away any old, built up debris from your face and pores. For your special someone starting the new year wanting to be more sustainable, this gift will be a true winner!
  • Purifying Body Wash - Minty, citrusy and detoxifying, this will be sure to wash away not just a year but a decades worth of stress and tension - leaving you feeling light and uplifted.