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Ayurvedic Morning Routine

Ayurvedic morning Routine

The morning routine is so important and is sadly oftentimes overlooked or even non-existent! If you take the time to put into place a morning routine that promotes wellness and also one that sets a positive tone for the day, you will be able to champion your best self and seize the opportunities that come your way whilst also living your life in the most fruitful and joyous way possible. The morning routine is perhaps most important during the summer months, when the skin and the spirit can undergo a lot of change in a short space of time. With this in mind, we have created an Ayurvedic morning routine for you to follow to ensure your day starts right.

Upon Waking Up

Upon waking up from what was hopefully a deeply restful and pleasant sleep, we would recommend a series of stretches to prepare yourself for either a yoga routine or for a period of meditation and/or silent reflection. This routine can be as long or as short as your desire, or simply as long or as short as your morning will allow. Even a brief engagement with your yoga practise of choice can help to clear the mind, warming up the body; priming it for the day ahead. Meditation can have a similar effect, precipitating peace and calmness ready to face the day with a clear mind.

Caring For Your Skin

After your yoga routine has been completed, or once you have reached the logical conclusion of your meditation, then it is time to care for your skin according to your dosha type. If you aren’t sure which dosha you are then try completing our online dosha questionnaire, as this will determine which skincare products are best for you. It is always best to cleanse the face first as this removes any grease and awakens the skin and the senses. Follow with an exfoliation 2-3 times a week to maintain smooth and soft skin.

For the Kapha Dosha: A face wash product rich in neem, witch hazel, tea tree and eucalyptus will control oil and mattify the skin, followed by an exfoliator packed full of the natural, Ayurvedic ingredients to unclog the pores preventing congestion.

For the Vata Dosha: We suggest a turmeric based face wash for a balanced skin tone, followed by a day cream which can also double up as a makeup primer. Our Radiance Range is excellent at restoring hydration and giving your skin that healthy glow first thing in the morning!

For the Pitta Dosha: Our Soothing daily facial wash helps to reduce the impact of inflammation and redness, calming aggravated skin with sandalwood, lavender and geranium, soothing the skin and the senses in the morning. Follow this with the Soothing facial oil which not only works well to deeply hydrate the skin, but for those wanting a dewy look, it can also be mixed into foundation.

With your skin now cared for, looking radiant and replenished, it is time for a light breakfast.

Feed The Skin

Our skin is ultimately a reflection of our internal health, so eating in the right way is extremely important when striving for clear skin. For summer skin that you can show off, we recommend that you start your breakfast routine with a cup of loose leaf green or ginger tea coupled with a healthy portion of fruit. Ayurveda teaches that breakfast should be the smallest meal of the day. The word ‘breakfast’ literally means to ‘break’ the ‘fast’ and so with this in mind, Ayurveda states that it is best to break the night-time fast gently, with a small portion of fruit or nuts. If you are still hungry make some porridge at around 11am topped with a few seeds. This is also gentle on the digestive system and will fill you up until lunchtime.