Mature woman checking her skin in a mirror after completing skincare routine with rosehip.

Skincare Routine with Rosehip

Mornings are busier than ever— whether you’re doing the school run or commuting to work— it’s hard to find a moment to take care of your skin. Well, we’ve made a simple 5 step evening skincare routine with rosehip that will solve all your skincare problems. Rosehip is an excellent and not to mention a natural alternative to retinol (Vitamin A). Rosehip replenishes the skin and has numerous other benefits. A good skincare routine is like a recipe. Let’s get cooking…

5 Step Skincare Routine with Rosehip


  1. There’s nothing worse than coming home to a sink of dirty dishes, right? The same can be said for an unwashed face. We recommend our Reviving Facial Wash to gently, yet thoroughly wash away that post-yoga sweat and bacteria. This enriching formula of rose flower waters contains rosehip to cleanse and repair the surface of your skin.

Time to turn on the oven

  1. Don’t dry your pots and pans just yet. Now that we’ve washed up, let’s tackle those dead skin cells. Apply our Reviving Exfoliating Facial Polish to damp skin and leave it to settle on the skin as a face mask. After 5 minutes, massage the polish into the skin to gently exfoliate and soften the skin before rinsing with water.

Prep your food

  1. Our oven is nearly up to temperature, so let’s prep the skin. Grab a reusable cotton pad and gently apply our Reviving Hydrating Toner into your face and neck to hydrate your skin. If you’re looking to wake yourself up a bit, you can always spray the toner on your face instead for a refreshing boost.

Grease the pan

  1. A well-prepped meal is worthless if it’s burnt or stuck to the pan and so is the face. Use our Reviving Day Cream to soften your skin and protect it from the elements. It also works well as a makeup primer, allowing foundation and other products to sit seamlessly on the surface of the skin, for a flawless finish.


  1. No meal is complete without a good garnish or gloss. Our multi-award-winning Reviving Facial Oil is a great product to start with. Not only will it leave your skin dewy, but it also contains rosehip to calm and protect the skin.
Now, this last step isn't fundamental to this skincare routine with rosehip, but you can finish off with a nice relaxing cup of rosehip tea. Who doesn't love a good cuppa, anyway? This is the perfect way to finish off your routine after all that hard work. You've earned it!