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Pitta Season Ready…?

Get Ready for Pitta Season

Hot, fiery and sharp - Pitta season (a.k.a. summer) is on it’s way. We are sharing our tips on how to be Pitta season ready! Whilst we predominantly focus upon the internal workings of doshas and their effect on our skin, it is also vital to view doshas as a holistic presence influencing environment, atmosphere and overall lifestyle.

So what should you expect from this season and how might we become Pitta season ready?

Keeping the body and mind in balance is crucial to any Ayurvedic practice, which is why during the warmer months of Pitta season it is important to keep a cool mind and soothe those summer feels...
  • Get plenty of fresh air but keep it calm by taking nice walks or practicing yin yoga rather than your usual fast paced vinyasa class.
  • Journal often- get those hot-headed thoughts out on the page and fuel your fire through ink.

What to eat:

pitta season ready Eat naturally cooling foods like bitter vegetables, coconuts, sweet berries, coriander and fennel. Avoid spice when possible and avoid foods flavoured with chili peppers, cayenne, dried ginger, mustard seeds, and other hot spices.
  • Wear light and airy clothing in cooling colours such as white, pale blue, and pastel shades.
  • Replace your sun salutations with moon salutations (if you have a yoga practice) for the duration of the summer.

Love yourself:

full moon Give yourself the gift of patience and compassion by making these traits part of your monthly new moon intention setting ritual, whilst working towards letting go of overly critical or judgmental thoughts on a full moon. Sleep on your right side as this will direct the airways and energy within the body toward a cooling sensation. Particularly helpful if you find yourself suffering from night sweats.
  • Before showering, take time every morning to self-massage for 15 minutes with Pitta Massage Oil, Sunflower, or Coconut Oil. Your skin will become less irritable and have the added bonus of a lustrous glow.

Drink Water:

pitta season ready Make water your new best friend - not just through internal hydration but also by taking to the pool or jumping in a lake. Enjoy being carefree this summer!
  • Protection from the sun is key- try to avoid excessive exposure and definitely opt for head cover and plenty of sun cream.
  • Bask in moonlight for 20 minutes to cool, find peace, and calm the nervous system.
  • Be sure to take long, slow, deep breaths while you are waiting in traffic or otherwise stuck in the heat of summer.

Optimise your Environment:

pitta season ready
  • Surround yourself with subtle smells, gentle company and listen to soft, serene music.
The Urban Veda Soothing Range is particularly helpful for pitta skin and can be utilized by any dosha during this period to take the heat off those pores and combat over exposure to the sun. We hope you now have some tools to become Pitta season ready and we hope you have a wonderful Summer - take it easy!