Stay Shine-Free this Summer

How to Stay Shine Free

With the Summer Solstice just around the corner, everyone looks forward to getting out of the house to enjoy the blue skies, floral scents and warm breezes. Having oily skin shouldn't get in the way of that. Instead of using blotting paper or mattifying primers to stay shine-free, go back to the very beginning. Reassess your skincare regime for summer, after all, we shouldn't be using the same products that we use in Winter as in Summer. Say goodbye to heavy hydrants for several months and say hello to lightweight purifiers. At Urban Veda, we recognise that each individual is different and so based on the three Doshas of Ayurveda, our four ranges cater to different skin types and keep your skin shine-free.

What products to use

For those with oily skin, head towards the freshly fragranted Purifying range to cleanse and detox the skin. With key ingredients of Neem, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, you will feel awakened from the natural zing and your oily, congested skin will be neutralised.

Facial Wash

Purifying Daily Facial Wash - Excess Sebum is the cause for oily skin and so with this in mind, this facial wash naturally combats oil as well as clears toxins. The key ingredient Neem, is known in India for its antibacterial properties, especially good at stripping away excess sebum whilst leaving the skin feeling super hydrated at the same time. Cleanse your face morning and night to finally enjoy mattified skin. Top tip for Facial Wash - Double cleanse! The first cleanse removes makeup and the second cleanses the face much deeper.


Purifying Hydrating Toner - Toners are important to include into your skincare regime because they restore the natural pH level of the skin after cleansing. The Purifying Toner is astringent which is ideal for oily skin types as it tightens pores and reduces excess oil, leaving you shine-free. Not only are aloe vera and witch hazel traditional healers, the natural fragrance leave your skin refreshed with that extra zestiness. Top tip for Toner - Once you have swept the product all over your face, leave the product alone to soak in properly, without touching the skin.

Facial Oil

Purifying Facial Oil - Yes, you did just read 'oil' and that's because oil combats oil. Whilst having oil prone skin is a genetic factor, that shouldn't exclude you from benefitting from facial oils. Our skin produces excess oil when it's dehydrated. Although this may seem confusing, facial oils are actually highly beneficial skin hydrants. Not only does the skin absorb an intense hydration. But, it also absorbs essential oils and key extracts like Moringa and extracts like Gotu Kola along with it. Top tip for Facial Oils - Use after the Purifying Night Cream and massage gently into the face and neck to absorb the goodness overnight.