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Applying your Facial Oils

Facial oils can be used in a multitude of ways and aren’t just the final step in a skincare routine. They can represent and be used for so much more. Not only does the oil physically ‘feed’ your skin, taking a little ‘me time’ for yourself to practice the art of facial massage can nourish the soul. Here, we discuss the best ways to get the most out of your facial oils.

When can I use my facial oils?

Facial oils can be used in a number of different ways. Meaning you can truly get the most out of your money spent on them. Morning or night they can be used after a daily moisturising cream or even instead of. Day and night creams are water based meaning the water within them will naturally evaporate, taking some important nutrients along with it. By using an oil after a day or night cream, the oil locks in all the goodness from the moisturiser as well as the oil itself, given that oils cannot evaporate. They can be used as a makeup primer to really hydrate the skin in preparation for foundation. If you are after a beautiful dewy look, then we highly recommend this. They can also be used throughout the day for an extra boost of healthy hydration and protection, or you could use yours just before bed to really soothe the mind and the soul.

Layer your facial oils up for maximum benefits…

It can be tempting to save time by using one facial oil all over, morning and night – but a multi oil method may provide better results for your skin. It’s quite common that skin may need different ingredients in different areas. Even in different seasons! For example, you might feel oily all over in Summer, but dry in the T-Zone by Autumn. It’s important to be receptive to what your skin is telling you. Take note of how different parts of your face feel throughout the day. Adjust your skincare routine in those areas as necessary. It is important to observe your skin and use products accordingly. There’s no rule that says the same product must be used all over! For example, if you feel your cheeks need some TLC, but your forehead gets oily during the day, we would recommend using our Soothing and Purifying Facial Oils in conjunction.

Nourish the soul with facial massage…

Facial massage can truly relax the muscles in the face as well as relax the mind. With scents from the oils being released during the massage. Taking this mindfulness a step further, incorporate some facial massage into your morning or evening routine. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or take a long time, the importance here is placed upon simply the intentional nature of taking a few extra moments for yourself when using your products. To aid your mini massage, we would recommend using our Reviving Facial Oil in the morning, and our Radiance Facial Oil in the evening. Additionally, as well as providing a few moments to calm the soul, light facial massage can also deliver excellent physical benefits to the skin and complexion. Drop 2-3 drops onto your finger tips and rub together to warm the oil. Initially press the oil into the skin and then start to create small, circular movements on your face. End the facial massage by sweeping your fingers down and outwards, towards the neck. A regular mini massage can make skin appear brighter and more awake, and regular oil massage over time will improve skin’s elasticity and suppleness.

Don’t just limit oil to your skincare routine…

Another way to maximise the benefits of your facial oil is by remembering that skincare doesn’t stop at your face. Experts recommend that you consider everything down to your chest when applying skincare. So, remember to moisturise your neck and décolletage, too. You can also use a facial oil to moisturise other parts of your body. Such as cuticles that need a little TLC, and areas that are more susceptible to dryness, like elbows and knees. You can even apply a dab to the ends of your hair. This seals split ends, and gives it gorgeous shine.