Soothing Facial Oil

Facial Oil vs. Moisturiser

Facial Oil vs. Moisturiser: What’s the difference?

Facial Oil:

Made up of 100% natural oils, a Facial Oil is as straightforward and simple as you can get. No texturising agents here! We formulate our oil to lock in moisture and repair damaged skin. It carries zero-water content which means it is able to penetrate the skin’s surface when you massage it in. Oils compliment the complexion seamlessly as the skin’s natural barrier is also oil-based - allowing the two to work together efficiently.

Day and Night Cream:

You might think you have it all covered with the above; however, a cream holds the additional benefit of not just being able to lock in but also hydrate the skin. Ingredients such as aloe vera, arjuna and glycerine act as smoothing and plumping ingredients. This reduces inflammation at the same time as it boosts the production of collagen. Our skin is our largest organ but also the last organ to benefits from the nutrients in food we eat, or hydration from water we drink. It is, however, our only organ that we can feed topically. A water based moisturise is therefore crucial to boost and maintain healthy hydration levels in the skin.

Can I use both a Facial Oil and a Moisturiser together?

Whilst we don’t advise you literally mix both products together, for skin that needs some TLC, integrating both before bed would definitely make a lot of sense… It’s a well debated argument, whether oil or cream comes first. However we usually recommend applying a cream before an oil due to water content. Oil acts as a barrier and water evaporates, leading us to conclude that applying a cream first and letting it settle will allow all ingredients to do their job efficiently. Applying your Facial Oil after a Night Cream will prevent any of that all-important water from your night cream from evaporating. But it also pushes it further into your skins layers as you massage your facial oil into your skin. Along with all the repairing and nourishing carrier oils and actives the facial oil contains.

When should I use my Facial Oil and Moisturiser?

Facial Oils are very beneficial for repairing the skin, which is best practiced whilst you sleep at night; however, there are multiple ways in which you might want to use your Facial Oil…
  • For a ‘dewy glow’ beneath makeup - apply your Facial Oil (just a drop or two!) before applying foundation to achieve a radiant complexion.
  • Also, for chapped lips - apply throughout the day when needed for intense nourishment and a rapid rescue.
  • For cuticles - apply either after painting your nails (once they’re dry!) or after filing and buffing if you’re skipping the polish.
  • For aromatherapy – we pack our facial oils full of essential oils that balance your mind. Whatever your mood, apply a drop to your pulse points whilst you work and feel uplifted, soothed, grounded or rejuvenated!
Creams are a little more self-explanatory as they are often labelled ‘day’ or ‘night’ cream for our benefit. Like Facial Oils, Night Creams hold properties that focus on repairing the skin and tend to be a richer formula, to get to work whilst you sleep. Day creams are often lighter in consistency and easy to apply prior to makeup application.