Behind the Brand: Nelly Kvist

Nelly Kvist Name:Nelly Kvist: Read more about Nelly Kvist below.

What is your role and what does it entail?

My role as the Business Development Executive is about managing and growing Urban Veda in the UK and around the world. I focus on identifying potential sources or markets and then following up leads to get Urban Veda stocked in new markets and retailers. My role also has some additional aspects which are really exciting, like travelling overseas to promote the brand internationally, and attending award ceremonies and exhibitions which are really fun.

What is your dosha type?

I am definitely a Vata so I have a lot of energy and choose to usually live a fast-paced life. I am an extrovert and enjoy being out and about. The Radiance range is suited to my dosha and the powerful turmeric brings out a glow on my skin and the gorgeous smell makes me feel great.

What is your favourite Urban Veda product?

My favourite product, in general, are the exfoliating facial polishes across all the ranges as I love that the tiny exfoliating beads are completely natural and don’t aggravate my sensitive skin. It wakes me up in the morning and leaves my skin feeling so soft and refreshed.

What’s your proudest Urban Veda moment?

Ever since I was young, skincare has been my way to indulge. I loved to do self-pampering sessions and spa nights with my friends. And later this grew into a genuine interest in skincare. Consequently, over the years I have gained broader knowledge and found my favourite skincare products. During a recent meeting with our product developers, I got the chance to voice my opinion about future Urban Veda products keeping in mind skincare I have loved in the past. Seeing all of this develop and be part of the process is truly the most self-fulfilling moment at Urban Veda.

What’s your favourite skincare tip?

It starts from within. Eat well, live happily, get your sleep and get some form of movement into your day. Of course, stay hydrated . And rather than an obligation, try to make your skin-care routine an enjoyable part of your day.

Tell us something about you that we don’t already know…

One of my absolute favourite scents is the smell of vine tomatoes. I always smell tomatoes when I go grocery shopping and am very particular about which tomatoes I eat!