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Behind Brand: Ivelina Nikolaeva

Behind the brand: Iva Name: Ivelina Nikolaeva

What is your role and what does it entail?

Hi, my name is Ivelina! My role at the Urban Veda brand is to manage all our orders, big and small, from our daily online orders to the large orders for our retailers and international customers. I pack each and every one of our products with love and care, so that they reach our customers in the perfect condition! I love to add free sachet samples to every order so that our customers can try out different products of ours. My days need complete organisation to ensure nothing goes wrong as I love getting the job done properly.

What is your dosha type?

My dominant dosha changes depending which season it is, so at the moment I am a Pitta!

What is your favourite Urban Veda product?

My favourite Urban Veda brand product would have to be the Reviving Facial Oil, especially in Winter. It does such a great job at protecting and caring for my skin against the cold weather and I can really notice a difference. I also keep a Soothing Body Lotion on my desk which I use every day to keep my hands feeling soft and smelling beautiful!

What’s your proudest Urban Veda moment?

I get great satisfaction every time I see one of our big orders completely finished. I put my heart and soul into ensuring that all the packaging is perfect and everything runs smoothly so I always feel proud of myself once it has all been sent out.

What’s your favourite skincare tip?

In summer, I freeze rose water into ice cubes which I then rub all over my face. Not only is it so refreshing in the heat, but rose water is also really anti-inflammatory and tightens my pores.

Tell us something about you that we don’t already know…

I love Art, particularly painting with acrylics and watercolours. Painting makes me feel very tranquil and I use it as my outlet to unwind. Other than that, I am also about to finish my online course for animal welfare – I have loved animals ever since I can remember and feel strongly about animal rights.