Ayurvedic Beauty Tools

Ayurvedic Inspired Beauty Tools

Ayurvedic Beauty Tools

Ayurveda is a discipline that is over thousands of years old. During all this time the field has built up a fair number of insights and knowledge about caring for your mind and body. Ayurveda is a holistic discipline and as such it advocates caring for the entire self; instilling harmony and balance within your spirit, body and mind. As we all are in a period of unease and stress; it might be time to take a moment or two and invest in Ayurvedic beauty tools to use in a daily Ayurvedic ritual. These daily Ayurvedic rituals are used to balance your mind and body. We have compiled our knowledge about which Ayurvedic inspired beauty tools are worth a try. So, whether you have just started your Ayurvedic journey or are well on your way to becoming an Ayurvedic pro; we suggest you read about these three Ayurvedic inspired beauty tools that each harness the power of a different centering and calming Ayurvedic ritual.

Dry Body Brush for the Ritual of Garshana

The first ayurvedic inspired beauty tool we would like to draw attention to is the dry body brush. Dry body brushing is an age old Ayurvedic ritual that helps boost your blood circulation and maintain excellent skin health. It is a way to get rid of toxins, oils and dirt that accumulate in your skin throughout the course of day-to-day life. Dry body brushing has multiple benefits, including improving blood circulation, preventing ingrown hairs and is extremely skin softening. When done regularly, it can leave your skin looking radiant and refreshed. Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies; and this organ requires a regular drainage of the toxins or ama that accumulate and build up over time. Dry body brushing encourages lymphatic draining in your skin; using natural bristles that are ergonomically designed to complete this ancient ayurvedic ritual.

Body Oil for the Ritual of Abhyanga

Using an ayurvedic therapeutic body massage oil for the ritual of body massage is a timeless Ayurvedic beauty tool. Body massage using an ayurvedic body oil is a sensorial skin treat, especially for those who are regular exercisers. The act of body massage is a way to help ease tired and sore muscles, it also stimulates blood circulation and improves your skins overall health. It is a way to moisturize and hydrate your skin, ensuring that it stays strong, supple and healthy.

Ayurvedic Tongue Scraper

It’s all about those tingling tongues with this Ayurveda inspired beauty tool. The act of tongue scraping using a traditional copper Ayurvedic tongue scraper is a means to remove the nightly buildup of toxins or ama. When you partake in a daily scraping of the coating of ama on your tongue, especially when done first thing in the morning, you prevent the reabsorption of the toxins your body has worked hard to expel overnight. Tongue scraping is also known as jihwa prakshalana and is a traditional Ayurvedic self-care beauty ritual and tool.