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Men’s Skincare: Beginners Guide

“My skincare routine awakens me and stimulates me for the day ahead” – Sheilesh Shah, Urban Veda Founder

It’s not often given that much thought; however, the rituals men follow regarding their skincare are equally important as any other gender, and tips for maintenance possibly even more sought after… Whether the aim is to soften thick beards or protect clean shaven cheeks, men's skincare routines are becoming increasingly popular.

We asked a selection of men about the relationship they have with their skin (from puberty to now), and this is what we found...

“I get pimples on my face”

Yep, we all get them, and there are many thoughts surrounding the pimple - how did it get there? When will it go away? HOW will it go away? There are many possible reasons as to why, when and how but let’s start with Tea Tree. Used in small doses or within naturally moisturising formulations such as our Purifying Facial Wash, Tea Tree oil not only helps prevent breakouts due to its balancing antibacterial qualities but also reduces and eliminates pimples as an anti-inflammatory.

Purifying skincare

Skincare: The Purifying range will control congestion and balance oily skin. For a mattified effect, try the Purifying Facial Wash, Exfoliating Polish and Day Cream.

“My skin looks quite grey and is missing its healthy appearance”

Dull and lacklustre pores that make you want to yawn - even after a cold shower and 5 coffees. Youth may appear to be fading but your complexion doesn’t have to! A favourite of ours for adding a healthy-looking glow, is radiant Turmeric (which is why we added it to our Radiance Range). Turmeric warms internally, whilst also acting as an anti-inflammatory and can, in turn, also reduce the appearance of pigmentation. Abundant in antioxidants, turmeric and its bioactive component ‘curcumin’ are renowned for reviving and bringing out your skin’s natural glow.

Skincare: Give the Radiance range a go and start with the Facial Wash, Exfoliating Polish, Day Cream and Facial Oil (for those with super dehydrated skin).

“No skin concerns but looking to start a skincare routine”

Many individuals don’t have any particular skin concerns (how lucky!), but are looking to invest some time and money into men's skincare routines for boosting general wellbeing and skin health. Our Soothing range is ideal for normal skin types that are craving a bit of attention. Sandalwood heals and cares for skin whilst Aloe Vera, Orange and Lemon all give skin a burst of hydration.

Skincare: Start with a Facial Wash, Exfoliating Polish and Day Cream from the Soothing range.

“I have sensitive skin so have to be careful what I use”

Whether it be through shaving, stress or allergies - sensitive skin affects individuals on a day-to-day basis. It can be painful and lead to low self-esteem, which is why not only the anti-inflammatory and healing properties of the Sandalwood in our Soothing Range are beneficial, but also the calming qualities of this essential oil can help gently lift the mind or help to unwind at the end of the day.

Skincare: Start with a Facial Wash, Exfoliating Polish and Day Cream from the Soothing range.

Not knowing where to start, how much to spend and if a skincare regime is entirely necessary. Are just some of the reasons stopping men from pampering their pores. 
Our advice...? Begin with the basics and reflect on the relationship you have with your skin - you’ll not regret it, we promise! If you need additional help about men's skincare routines, then feel free to drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to help!