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Why Self Care is a Must

Take Care Of Yourself

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned in the past year, it’s that ‘self care’ is high priority. Moreover, befriending ourselves is of utmost importance if we’re planning on leading a happy, healthy life. So, whether you are enjoying this Valentine’s Day with your loved one or enjoying a Galentine’s. We have put together a gift guide aimed at helping you reacquaint yourself with your mind, body and soul this…

For the one that needs to spend more time on themselves:

  • Body Oil: inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic ritual of Abhyanga. We craft our Body Oils to promote self-massage and a luxurious self-care ritual (not a rushed routine). So, each exudes their own signature aromatherapeutic scents, our Body Oils nourish, deeply hydrate and release held tension.
  • Body Brush: indulge in the ancient Ayurvedic ritual of Gharshana with the Urban Veda Dry Body Brush. Beneficial to those who need a boost in energy, motivation and blood circulation, dry brushing (Gharshana) also stimulates the lymphatic system and promotes healthy detoxification.

For the one that loves nothing more than a spa-day:

  • Soothing Gift Set: an Ayurvedic-inspired range, this Gift Set is enriched with balancing sandalwood, healing geranium, calming lavender and harmonising ylang ylang – smelling like the ultimate luxurious spa, this range is the perfect natural blend to soothe, protect and nourish skin.

For the one that secretly enjoys sending a rose to themselves:

  • Reviving Facial Oil: wrap your skin in the comforting extracts of Rose, Shatavari and Jasmine. Additionally, our Reviving Facial Oil contains a blend of soothing organic oils. These help keep skin supple, radiant and glowing all year round.
  • Reviving Renew and Repair Bundle: Take four indulgent steps to a kissable complexion with this cooling and restorative collection of Reviving Range essentials featuring four key products to up your skincare routine game.