ayurvedic face oil

What Is An Ayurvedic Face Oil?

Why Ayurveda Uses Facial Oils

Our faces go through a lot. Every day, they tackle the tests of the weather, regular touches like rubbing our eyes or scratching our nose. And they are constantly fighting the simple test of time. Maintaining a youthful, healthy glow can feel impossible at the best of times, but facial oils may be the solution. Pay attention to your Ayurvedic skin type when choosing oils. Better balance your dosha by detoxing your skin. Providing it with the youthful nourished glow you’ve been searching for. Ayurvedic Face Oil

Your Ayurvedic Skin Type

Your dosha constitution will help you to determine the right oils, frequencies and routines to use. Not only in regard to facial massage but across your entire body. These three constitutions enable you to tackle any imbalances in your body with the relevant natural ingredients. In order to detoxify your skin and improve circulation using your Dosha knowledge. Face oils help you balance the state of your skin regardless of whether it’s dry, oily, dull skin or somewhere in-between. If you have a combination skin type and struggle to achieve smooth skin, we suggest you gently massage a cold pressed oil into your skin to help improve skin texture and get glowing skin. Ayurvedic facial oils, or a beauty serum, also help reduce dark circles under your eyes, give an even skin tone and hydrate dry skin. Ayurvedic Face Oil Weather can affect the state of your skin at any one time. So, you should pay attention to your dosha first. Take our full quiz to find out yours. Ayurvedic face oils differ according to the needs of each dosha skin type. If used correctly these face oils can help reduce acne scars, dark circles under your eyes and possess anti aging properties. The doshas are typically split into the following characteristics which relate to personality types and emotional tendencies:

Vata: Dry Skin

Those with Vata constitutions typically have dry, delicate and cool skin, which can be rough and flaky, particularly when things are unbalanced. Exposure to wind or other extreme weather conditions can be particularly damaging to Vata types, and so the skin should be cared for with skincare that gives a bigger boost in hydration.

Kapha: Oily Skin

People with Kapha constitutions typically have oily skin with larger pores and while they are tolerant to the sun, it can lead to excess blackheads. Detoxifying is an important part of the skincare routine for those of the Kapha dosha, with stimulating, cleansing and uplifting beauty products.

Pitta: Sensitive Skin

The Pitta dosha typically manifests in sensitive, fair skin that can be greatly affected by the sun, emotion and general inflammation. Moles, rosacea, acne and rashes are common, and so the skin needs to be cooled, nurtured and soothed as a result. Ayurvedic Face Oil

The Benefits of Ayurvedic Facial Oils

Utilising ayurvedic facial oils within your routine will give you access to a host of benefits. Including rejuvenated, protected and balanced skin. As well as offering a calming effect to reduce inflammation and other concerns:

Replenishing & Rejuvenating Skin Texture

Wrinkles and dry or oily skin are typically a part of ageing and a menopause symptom, but regular use of ayurvedic facial oils can help to balance out the oil production in your pores and rejuvenate your appearance. With the right oils for your skin type, you can get a far more glowing complexion. It is best to apply face oils to damp skin after showing. Protection By penetrating deep into your skin, ayurvedic facial oils keep the moisture in, and toxins and debris out. They add an additional barrier while adding to the strength of our skin’s natural existing barriers. Keeping our skin safe from the likes of pollution, smog and more. Balancing Even if you have oily skin, facial oils can balance out the state of your skin regardless. Those with oily skin typically think they cannot use a facial oil, however using one tricks the skin into thinking it has already produced its natural oil (which is does to hydrate itself) therefore producing less. Calming An increasing number of facial oils are designed to calm down inflamed skin, whether from rashes, rosacea or irritation. Additionally, the actual ritual of performing self-massage has considerable mental benefits that help the mind to unwind as well as increase self-love and self-appreciation. Ayurvedic Face Oil Facial oils offer a natural solution to unbalanced skin. Ayurveda, help to combat all types of skin ailments: dehydration, inflammation, congested and tired skin. Ayurvedic oils promote bodily and mental strength, offering balance and care for our skin and our general wellbeing. For more information about the products that could help your skin, feel free to get in touch, or browse our collection of facial oils.