Veganuary: Not Just Food

Veganuary Skincare Along with the start of a new year comes new year’s resolutions, including one increasingly popular one; Veganuary! If you haven’t heard of Veganuary, where have you been all of 2018?! Did you know that the Vegan trend quadrupled in the 5 years between 2012 and 2017, according to Google search, and it shows no sign of stopping. So what is Veganuary? Veganuary simply involves eating a plant based diet and saying no to all animal and animal by-products such as dairy (yes, that includes milk chocolate too) for the whole month of January. As a Vegan skincare brand, this is not just a trend for us, but a way of life. Therefore, if you’re trying out the Veganuary diet, you may want to consider vegan skincare too. The products that we choose to put on our skin are absorbed through the various layers of our largest organ. They can also end up in our bloodstreams. So it’s not just about what you put in your body, but what you put on it too. So, this Veganuary why not try our vegan friendly skincare products that promote an overall good sense of well-being. Formulated from beautiful botanics and exotic ingredients found solely in nature, enjoy the power of the plant this month. Our top 3 Vegan Skincare picks for this Veganuary are: Soothing Day Cream: Our best selling Day Cream comes from our Soothing range. Kind to the skin and highly hydrating, apply this day cream to the face each morning. Specifically formulated with Sandalwood and Lavender, this day cream is suited for the Pitta dosha and those with sensitive skin. Radiance Body Lotion: Smother your skin in our vegan friendly Radiance Body Lotion aimed for Vata types. Enriched with Turmeric, this body lotion uses the power of nature to brighten the skin resulting in a healthy and hydrated glow. Reviving Facial Oil: This multi award winning facial oil draws on the benefits of cooling and hydrating Rose. Actively massaging the anti-ageing oil into the skin is crucial to truly absorb all the nutrients in the oil. This increases blood flow to the surface of the skin which additionally promotes detoxification and cleansing of the blood.