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#UPLIFT - Acne

Uplift Acne

Everyone wants to feel uplifted, so our aim over the next few months is to do exactly that. We aim to normalise aspects of the beauty industry that has always been so perfect and airbrushed. Let’s change our thought process to embrace our ‘flaws’ and instead feel uplifted and ooze confidence and pride. Meet Mia, our Marketing Executive, and first in our ongoing series aiming to 'uplift' our community. Mia has struggled with cystic acne since puberty and hopes to uplift Urbanites far and wide by normalising the way complexions are portrayed and presented to us through social media and advertising.

Here's Mia's #strippedback story...

"Since puberty I have never not had a spot - big or little there has always been one lurking. The first thing I do when I wake up is look in the mirror to see if any new spots have appeared overnight. I am the first to admit this habit is unhealthy, but it has become so ingrained in my morning routine for so long now because waking up to no new additions is such a novelty for me. Working for a natural skincare brand and using our products day and night certainly adds an element of pressure to have 'good skin'. This was confirmed to me last year during a popup we were running when after introducing the brand to a gentleman, his response was to look at me and my skin and say "they can't be very good products though" and "they don't look like they do anything". After a tiring day on my feet, his comments got the better of me and deeply hurt my feelings.

Lockdown Reflections

Lockdown has given us all a chance to reflect and for me, that has been my skin. What really is 'good skin'? What is 'bad skin'? The reality of SKIN, is that it is never constantly the same. Women's hormones are such a huge additional factor. And impacts our skin throughout the entire month, so as we navigate through our menstrual cycle, so does our skin. My aim now is to normalise blemishes, spots and acne because despite working for a natural skincare brand and wholeheartedly advocating our products (I do genuinely see a reduction of redness and inflammation when I use the Soothing range) and despite eating clean foods and living a healthy life, my skin will still have acne." Acne is very common but under represented. Hormones cause it and stress can seriously affect it. Our motto at Urban Veda is #letyourskinbreathe and when it comes to acne, it really should be left to breathe. Embrace it, use it to feel empowered and know your worth is so much more than your skin!