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Top Ayurvedic Products in 2021

Top Ayurvedic Products in 2021

As we head towards the end of April, we thought it was about time to draw attention to three incredible Ayurvedic products that are currently in the market today. When it comes to the holistic practice or Ayurveda; you will find that the majority of these products are environmentally conscious and sustainably sourced; helping you live in a way that is mindful and leaves a light footprint on the planet. When looking for the top three Ayurvedic products in the UK market today we did a bit of research; and found three resounding winners, that are currently bordering on becoming Ayurvedic buzzwords. So, without further ado, our bronze goes to…

Bronze: Top Ayurvedic Products in 2021: Body brush

Dry body brushing, or Garshana, is an Ayurvedic ritual that has been around for thousands of years. However, in the last few months there has been a growing interest surrounding this ancient ritual as more and more people are beginning to rave about the incredible benefits of dry body brushing and their brushes in particular. Ayurvedic body brushes are all about the bristles. For example, our award-winning dry body brush is not only 100% vegan, but its bristles are made from a sisal cactus. Ensuring that when you brush and buff your skin you dislodge all the building internal toxins stuck in your lymph nodes. If you would like to learn a bit more about our desobody brushes, click here.

Silver: Natural Ayurvedic Body massage oil

We decided to award the second prize for top Ayurvedic products in 2021 to a classic. Introducing, an Ayurvedic body oil used for the ancient practice of body massage or Abhyanga. Ayurvedic Body oils are such an exceptional product as they contain only the purest and strongest form of an ingredient. As the product is an oil, the formulation contains no water to dilute the ingredients contained within it. This means that when you use this product you are eliminating the middleman between the product’s incredible ingredients and your skin. You can feed and nourish your skin directly when using an Ayurvedic body massage oil; with the purest form of each ingredient given there’s no water to dilute the formulation. Our Ayurvedic body oils at Urban Veda are especially designed to align with the Ayurvedic ritual of Abhyanga, also known as self-massage. This ritual has many benefits for your mind as well as your skin. Self-massage boosts your blood circulation, encourages lymphatic drainage and deeply conditions your skin.

Gold: Ayurvedic Tongue Scraper

Our gold for the top Ayurvedic product in 2021 has to go to the Ayurvedic tongue scraper. This product is a way to get rid of the buildup of toxins or ama that your body accumulated while you sleep. Have you ever noticed a pale bile-looking coating on your tongue, perhaps when you first wake up? If so, then you might want to know what it is and how you can successfully manage it with the use of your Ayurvedic tongue scraper. In Ayurveda, this build-up of toxins that gathers on your tongue is called ‘Ama’. Which can be identified as an accumulation of metabolic toxins habituating in the oral cavity whilst we sleep and as the body detoxes. When you use your Ayurvedic tongue scraper every morning as you wake up; it ensures that your body does not reabsorb all of the toxins it has spent all night trying to expell. This product represents the holistic Ayurvedic approach to mouth hygiene and offers numerous benefits. It promotes a healthy tongue; and therefore a happy gut, it heightens your taste bud sensitivity and it helps eliminate bad breath. This is why we have chosen it as the number one Ayurvedic product of 2021 so far.