Spring Clean for Spring Skin

Clean Skin Spring truly is a wonderful season. The birds start singing with greater gusto and the flowers begin to blossom, greenery returns and the sun starts shining; temperatures rise as does humidity, and though beautiful, Spring can bring about some unwanted changes to our skin. These changes are of course nothing to worry about, all you need to do is update your skincare regime for the season, and you will have radiant and beautiful skin all year round. In this blog, we will be running you through the steps you need to take to love your skin this Spring.

Protect Your Skin

Spring sunshine is considered by many to be slightly more damaging than Summer sunshine. This is owing to the cooler winds that accompany Spring, which dulls the heat of the sun’s rays but does nothing to reduce their radiation, which is the aspect of sunlight that causes damage to the skin. Therefore, we recommend that you use a moisturiser with an SPF rating of 50 at least, this will provide your skin with a more complete protection from the sun’s rays.

Exfoliation, Exfoliation, Exfoliation

Being current with your exfoliation is vital as we move from Winter into Spring. This is because dry skin, that we all suffer from as a result of Winter’s harsh winds and icy temperatures, actually requires more exfoliation than oily skin. When our skin is dry, we need to exfoliate to remove the dry skin which in turn unblocks the pores. Picking the right exfoliator, one that is free from harsh chemicals, such as our Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish is the perfect choice to hydrate, clean and nourish your skin.

Out With The Old And In With The New

This is a really important, and often overlooked step in the Spring skincare routine. We aren’t suggesting that you throw away your whole beauty cupboard, but some products may have surpassed their sell by date. Old products that get exposed to the air will gradually accumulate more bacteria from the air which can get transmitted onto our skin if we continue to use this product. We would recommend taking a look at your products sell by dates and ensure you are using products that are in date.

Spring Skin And Diet

We cannot stress enough the importance of a healthy diet and the relationship between nutrition and vibrant skin. This relationship is especially important during the transition period between Winter and Spring. As we quite suddenly go from whipping cold winds, sub-zero temperatures and central heating to sunshine and increased humidity. You need to make sure you are getting plenty of Vitamin A. Which aids in cell division and the production of elastin fibres. This negates the formulation of dry skin. Eating foods such as spinach, carrots and broccoli can help you meet your daily Vitamin A quota. Furthermore, it is important to remember that as the days grow warmer, our skin retains much more water, so it will need the chance to breathe! Drinking plenty of water is a given, but another great solution is to switch those heavier skincare products for lighter, more freeing products such as our Neem and Botanic Purifying Day Cream. This combines unique ingredients such as Neem with hydrating staples such as Aloe Vera to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day whilst controlling shine. By combining a tailored set of Spring skincare products, a general product refresh, a healthy diet and plenty of water, we are certain that your skin will stay looking radiant, healthy and beautiful.

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