Recipe: Refreshing Lassi

Lassi With summer now in full swing, we are all in need of cooling remedies no matter which dosha we are. The Lassi drink in an ancient Punjabi drink that has been drank as part of the Ayurvedic lifestyle all over India and now the rest of the world. Best drank in summer time. It's also suitable for all three dosha types as the various ingredients and tastes all pacify the doshas differently. One main benefits of this drink is the soothing effect it has on the digestive systems which can sway from a state of balance to imbalance quite easily depending on the foods we eat. Lassi works to rebalance the digestive system as it is extremely light and also contains some key, healthy bacteria which works to lubricate the intestines. This also significantly reduces any belly bloating promoting weight loss and additionally supporting healthy, strong bones. The benefits are endless! Lassi is extremely cooling for the hot Pitta’s whilst the combination of sweet and sour tastes are pacifying for the Vata and Kapha dosha. With summer only bound to grow hotter and more humid, incorporate Lassi into your day, best drank during or after mealtimes, they truly satisfy the tastebuds and cool the body internally.

Ingredients by Dosha:

300g Yoghurt
  • Vata/Pitta: Full Fat
  • Kapha: Low-Fat
4 tbsp Syrup
  • Vata/Pitta: Agave Syrup
  • Kapha: Raw Honey
1tsp Ground Cardamom 4 tbsp Rosewater


Add all of the above ingredients into a food processor along with 600ml of water and whizz together until smooth. Serve immediately and enjoy!