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The Kapha Dosha

Ayurveda diagram In Ayurveda, Kapha is ruled by the elements earth and water. Generally quite loving and forgiving by nature, Kapha types tend to store their energy. Kapha dosha people are the least likely to fall out of balance. But, when they do this they can manifest as being sluggish, slow and overweight. Moreover, mentally they can develop feelings of insecurity or envy. This over-accumulation of energy is evident in slow decision-making tendencies. Kapha types are grounded, emotionally and physically strong as well as resilient. So, they are often placid, kind, thoughtful, loyal and will avoid confrontation. Furthermore, they don’t like change or the unpredictable aspects of life. Kapha types tend to have thick and lustrous hair, big muscles and broad shoulders. Their digestion and metabolism is slow and they tend to enjoy deep sleep.


Kapha skin is usually oily with large pores. Tolerant to sun, Kapha's excess oil demonstrates a greater predilection to blackheads and needs regular detoxification. Kapha skincare should be stimulating with regular cleansing of the face; at least twice daily, and deep exfoliation at least once a week.


Stress can affect Kapha physically. In order to stimulate the physical senses, try regular massages with refreshing, decongestant and detoxifying essential oils such as Basil, Clove Oil, Eucalyptus and Rosemary, which invigorate the mind and body.


Maintain Kapha balance through diet. Ayurveda states you should eat food that cultivates the positive traits within the dosha and alleviates the Kapha tendency to over-accumulate or store excess energy. For a Kapha diet, warm and dry food recipes are most beneficial along with tastes spanning spicy, bitter and astringent. The Kapha elemental effects of water and earth can manifest as moist, cold and clammy, so dry, warm and astringent tastes counteract these attributes. Those who have a Kapha dosha should avoid sweet, sour, salty, heavy, oily and processed foods and particularly fermented food recipes. Kapha types tend to have oily skin which can be prone to breakouts, so benefit from a regular antibacterial skincare regime. The Purifying range best suits Kapha skin.

Treatment of Kapha problems:

  • Increase exercise: try vigorous activity and doing different things
  • Reduce sleep (if excessive)
  • Eating a light diet with regular meals
  • Add hot spices to cooking
  • Consume plenty of warming drinks
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