Image of Urban Veda Ayurvedic Vegan Skincare

Is Vegan Skincare Better for you?

As a brand founded upon the philosophy of Ayurveda, we believe that all the tools you may need to find balance in life either come from within or from the abundant natural botanicals our Earth provides. So where does Veganism and Vegan Skincare come into this? We are a brand working towards the safety of our planet. So, it’s important to us that we honour the welfare of animals too. Not harming animals (including not testing on them) is something that we 100% stand by as a brand wanting to promote wellbeing - why should ‘wellness’ stop at humans?

What is Vegan Skincare?

Vegan skincare means formulations not only made without any ingredient derived from animals but also zero animal by-products. This might seem confusing - surely skincare doesn’t have animals in it? But often, anything from whale bone to fish scales may be infused into your everyday essentials!

Is Vegan Skincare Better for your skin?

It’s true! Vegan skincare is often natural and ‘plant-based’ meaning that you’ll not be left rubbing uric acid (yep, that’s cow’s urine) on your face, which can be very aggravating for most complexions (let alone sensitive skin). It’s a common misconception that ‘natural’ skincare products come with a compromise but as previously mentioned, this couldn’t be far from the truth! Take our Purifying Range, abundant in botanicals such as Neem and Tea Tree, which have been proven for centuries to fight bacteria and nourish the skin.

It’s all about balance...

All being said, we understand that for some people ‘going Vegan’ isn’t all that straightforward. No stress! Balance is not only key to living consciously but also key to Ayurveda…When looking at the year ahead, and contemplating ‘going Vegan’ we encourage you to do what you can and truly believe that skincare is an accessible point of entry. Our Purifying Facial Polish may just be the perfect place to start - a ‘2-in-1’ formulation that doubles as a mask and an exfoliator! Added bonus points here go to the crushed walnut shells that we use, instead of microbeads, to buff the skin’s surface and leave you with a detoxified glow.

Less to worry about…

There’s a lot of pressure, especially in the New Year, to get things ‘right’ and turn a pristine new leaf; however, all of this can sum up to quite a confusing equation (and to be honest, do we really need another thing on our minds?). This is why we wear our vegan and cruelty free credentials proudly - they let you know that everything from our Facial Oils to our Body Brush (yep, these are ‘vegan’ too) are both ethical and consciously created. So now you can lavishly apply your uplifting Purifying Night Cream and sleep easy...

Looking for the ultimate Vegan Skincare starter kit?

Why not have a look at our skincare bundles! They offer the perfect solution to your morning and evening skincare routines and contain the perfect number of products to kick start your vegan skincare routine. Purifying - for oily and acne prone skin types Soothing - for normal to sensitive skin types Radiance - for dry and dehydrated skin types Reviving - for tired and mature skin types